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A face speaks a hundred things in a single moment and gives out more communication than anything else in the world. A fresh and clean face looks more vibrant then any makeup done. We face a daily challenge of keeping the face clean in order to keep it healthy and vibrant all day long. Hectic travelling and exposure to pollution can damage the skin a lot more than one can imagine. Every face goes through some or the other challenge of facing the damage on their face sometime or the other. Once the damage is done than the only hope which remains is applying cosmetics to show an unnatural getup which needs constant touchup.

Why drug your skin with chemicals when nature has provided such magical things like grapefruit,pomegranate, AloeVera,Turmeric,Charcoal,Lime, Strawberry,Apricot,Neem,Orange, Cucumber, orange,papaya, pineapple,kiwi and many more. Hundreds of benefits lay in these nature’s blessings without any side effects and guaranteed results of having a lively skin on your face.

Your body needs a protein called collagen which maintains the skin’s elasticity and firmness intact. Consumption of Vitamin C helps build these protein requirements in the body. Benefits of various fruits are as follows:

Papaya: Helps cure skin impurities and remove dead cells through its rich antioxidant properties.

Lemon: Helps to cleanse your skin and remove the acne scars through its astringent properties.

Orange: Helps clean skin blemishes and tighten the skin reducing the aging process through its vitamin c properties.

Aloe Vera: Helps moisturize your skin, reduce tan and recover from sunburns,heals wounds through its rich nutrients.

Honey: Helps your skin rejuvenate and moisturize to keep it fresh and soft through its rich antioxidants and anti-microbial properties. Its increases immunity of your skin to withstand strong rays.

Saffron: Helps to improve your skin tone, reduces dullness and dryness, helps remove acne and tan from the skin through its anti-bacterial properties.

Neem: Helps in removing acne and pimples, controls oil secretion which causes acne, removes blackheads, cleans the skin and retains the softness.

Strawberry: Helps skin become lighter, also helps removing acne and blemishes. Helps boost skin energy.

Cucumber: Contains lots of vitamins, cucumber improves cellulite by tightening the skin and removing wrinkles. Cucumber helps the skin breath. Helps remove dark circle and puffiness, helps reduce pigmentation.

Apricot: helps improve eyes in many ways, helps reduce free radicals through its anti-oxidant properties. Helps regulate water levels and blood flow with the body removing dullness and making the face look radiant and fresh.

Charcoal: helps remove acne, pimple and oil from the skin making it healthy with a tint of glow on the face.

These all natural remedies have been used since ages, even before our ancestors and have a successful track record in organic facial treatment or natural facial treatment. Using all these fruits in a prescribed manner and apply the ingredients in an age old manner would be a cumbersome task for the people with a fast lifestyle, but still who would like to have a good and healthy facial skin can make use of the organic face wash to achieve the same results. Benefits of all these ingredients are combined and available in organic face wash nowadays. Daily use of these products have helped millions across the world in having a healthy and glowing complexion which would be free from all the free radicals developed during the course of our stressful life style.

A face wash can be used multiple times during the day to help regain the energy on your face. A natural face wash free of chemicals can help your skin in many ways from cleaning it to improving the health of your skin so that your facial expressions can be seen in a radiant manner showing freshness and glow together. Simple things done in simple manner can make a major difference for longer duration. Using Organic and Natural face wash can add to many benefits from having a healthy skin type to removing radical prone skin issues like pigmentation, acne, pimple, dark circles, skin tone and tanning.


A simple face wash can be used by anybody irrespective of age and sex. Can be carried anywhere and used anytime to help rejuvenate the skin for all occasions getting you ready for anything, anytime and anywhere.

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