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Today’s generation would sooner buy a deodorant than a perfume. Why? Deodorants are cheaper, more lasting and have a more impactful fragrance than the lingering scent of a perfume. There is huge variety of the said deodorants and picking one can be more complicated than it has any right to be. Scroll south to find out how to pick ‘the one’.

Go deodorants shopping!

Do you know that last weekend of the month when you have watched all the new movies, eaten at every new food joint and are wondering how on earth you could spend this time? This is the perfect time to go deodorant shopping! Take a friend along and get ready to smell the time away. Go to any supermarket and take your time sniffing at different tester bottles. Ask your friend about he/she thinks. If you are intending to attract the other gender with your deodorant, take a friend from the other gender along.

Be careful- Sniff only the tester bottles and not the unopened cans else you risk the overworked supermarket attendant’s ire. Also if you are taking a friend from the other gender along, make sure you know them very well else you might come across as the ultimate creep when you say ‘Do I smell good to you?’

Pick the right variety according to your personality

 Your deodorant says quite a lot about you. A strong musky smell hints at a masculine presence. A sweet citrus smell is the perfect representation of a soft feminine character. Scents of sandalwood and jasmine are very traditional in nature while those with misty undertones can come across as mysterious. Choose the one that you feel best expresses your personality and get ready to accentuate your entire look.

Use regularly, but use sparingly

Deodorants are very useful as they help you mask the smell of a day’s sweat and even smell good. However, do not overdo it. If you apply deodorants by the bottle, just stop. Not only are also losing the advantage of subtlety, you are also violating the olfactory rights of the people in the 5 km radius. So apply deodorant regularly but in quantities that are pleasant.

Realistic expectations, please!

I blame the advertisements. Deodorants do not cause men to sing songs for you on the street just as it doesn’t make bikini clad women behave like blood hounds and race one another in your direction. But it might make the guy you are flirting with get some butterflies in his stomach as you lean towards him. And most women are just thankful if you don’t stink but when you smell good, it changes the entire game in your favour.

Follow these general guidelines to keep smelling good and here is a last warning- A deodorant is not a substitute for a shower.  Go through the extensive catalogue of Joy by Nature to find out about more amazing products!


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