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You are at that stage when you are pretty convinced that you need a hair-do. And hair coloring is all over your mind. Dark burgundies and bronze blondes seem to tempt you every now and then. You are one step away from calling your stylist and making an appointment. But you haven’t decided what color should you dye your hair in? Hair dyeing is an easy thing but choosing hair color is the trickiest part. One wrong shade and no one can help you but your stylist.

Relax, here are a few tips and tricks to help you determine your hair color that suits you and save you from the horrible fate of color mismatch.

Hair Color and Skin Tone

The very first step is to determine your skin tone and select the range of hair colors meant to suit your skin tone. Follow these tips to determine the shades meant for you by judging the skin tone.

  1. Wash your face completely and remove all the make-up to see your natural skin tone.
  1. The best place to determine your true skin tone is in a well-lit room. Try to see it under natural light with rooms having large windows, and not in your dressing room that is full of fluorescent light.
  1. Look at the veins of your wrist. People with warm skin tone tend to have a greenish tint to their veins, whereas people with cool skin tone have shades of blue and purple veins.

Once you have determined your skin tone whether it is warm or cool, choosing hair color becomes a lot easier.

Warm Skin Tone

Now that you have determined that you have a warm skin tone look for cooler shades to complement your skin. Women should opt for shades having titles such as ‘cool’ or ‘ash’. Light skin tone complements blonde shades and champagne hues. If you want to go for darker shades for your warm skin, choose red or burgundy in cooler shades. Highlights are tricky for people with such skin tone as they can at times give you a brassy look. Consult your stylist when it comes to highlighting hair.

Cool Skin Tone

Choose exactly opposite shades if you find out you have a cooler skin tone. Go for warm shades like brown, hazel or black. Women with cool skin tone must go for hair colors that have titles such as ‘chocolate’, ‘dark’, or ‘honey’. The skin tone plays a little lesser role if your hair color balances out your pale or dark skin shade. If you want to try out blonde shades, avoid lighter shades like champagne hues. Darker shades make you look eyes pop.

Follow these easy tricks to find out the hair color that will suit you the best and might just pop your life and give you a brand new look. Look out for such shades and you will never go wrong. Click here, to see what we have in store for you at JBN.


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