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Experimenting with things is in our blood. We experiment with everything. Be it laws of science, even life and people around us. People love to experiment on themselves when it comes to grooming. Our successful fashion industry is the most apt example to tell us how obsessed we are when it comes to grooming oneself. We all know that out of all these, dyeing your hair is the trickiest thing to do.

Colorful hair = Colorful life

Coloring hair(http://www.joybynature.com/collections/hair-colour) is a common thing to do now-a-days. And why shouldn’t it be? Hair color is the only thing that cannot change its course every few days. Today it is black, tomorrow bright burgundy, and maybe blonde the very next day. Unless you’re Nymphadora, things won’t work that way. This makes it pretty boring. What if had you gotten blonde hair instead of your jet black, you would’ve have looked better? Who knows unless you experiment with your hair! We all know they’re going to turn white one day, and if you are the one whose hair matured even faster you know what to seek for.

Keep in mind

Stop living your dull boring life and start giving your hair a lively experience by experimenting with dyes. Of course, all dyes aren’t safe to use. One must try to avoid using hair dyes that contain ammonia in them. Ammonia affects the quality of our hair and weakens our hair roots thereby making the process of dyeing hair harmful.Follow these pretty tips when it comes to taking care of your hair while using various hair dyes.

  1. Never shampoo your hair on the day of your appointment. Do not wash hair for 24 hours before you color your hair.

  1. You must not use a color-protection shampoo or conditioner. These alter your current shade and can skew the perception of your hair color by the colorist.
  1. Go for semi-permanent hair colors if it is your first time. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with a wrong shade. The semi-permanent dyes wear off in 5-7 weeks and needs less maintenance.
  1. Factors such as the health of your hair and the texture of your hair must be taken into consideration. Finer hair lightens faster and coarser hair is color resistant. Take your time and know about everything you need to about dyeing hair before you make any judgment calls.
  1. You can slow down the process of fading, as you cannot avoid it. Avoid washing your hair daily and instead wash in every two or three days.

  1. If in case you don’t happen to like the shade your hair have been done in. Do not try to correct it yourself. Ask the pro at the salon and he will definitely see to your needs.

Hair coloring isn’t that tough or critical. But the follow-up requires your attention if you wish to increase the life span of your hair color. Click here, to browse through our store and see what we have in store for you at JBN.


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