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Taking care of the foot is very simple. If you are lazy then you can simply go the parlour and get foot treatments done. Foot treatments include foot spas and pedicures. Foot spas are foot massage therapies which provide great comfort. There are various foot spa ranges which are available. They are dedicated foot spa centres too. They are various ingredients and foot creams and lotions used for foot care massages. There are Thai food massages as well as fish spas. Fish spa is very interesting where the foot is dipped in water with small tiny fishes eating away the dead cells to clean the foot.

What are foot spas and what is pedicure?

Foot spa and foot pedicure are similar but not the same. We all know what is facial. It the use of different kinds of creams, cleansers, scrubbers, marks on the face. Foot spas are similar just that the same process is applied on the foot and not the face. Pedicure is comprehensive foot spa with more attention given to the nails cleaning and nails paint application.  The last stage in foot spas is application of mask, while in pedicure it is a massage with foot cream.

How often should you go for foot spas or pedicure?

Foot spas and pedicures are expensive affairs. One cannot have the spa sessions regularly. Twice a month or once a month is more than enough for foot spas.

How can I make my foot spa last long?

After spending a ransom we all would like to keep our foot clean, fresh and soft.  Here are simple suggestions on how you can keep your spa intact or if you do not want to hit the spa then too you can follow these golden rules.

  • Cleaning is very necessary and so in moisturizing. Clean you feet to do away with dirt and sweat. Cleansing washes away the natural oil leaving the foot dry. Foot creams therefore is a must. Foot creams moisturize the feet keeping them baby soft.
  • After applying foot creams cover your feet with a pure cotton socks.
  • Scrubbing to be done once a week
  • Foot cream based mask once a month.

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