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Across the world choosing the right fragrance for oneself has evolved as a luxurious art to an act of daily practice. The body mist fragrance personifies your presence via its exuberant smell, elevating your confidence and grace. It’s a parlance of elegance.

Why go with Body Mists?

Body Mists are unique in nature. They don’t replace deodorants or perfumes but have created a niche for themselves. If you want a fragrance that is not too strong, but enlivens your skin none the less and can be used practically anywhere on your body; then go for body mists.

Difference between Body Mists and Perfumes

Many a times one gets confused between a Body Mist and a Perfume. Many live in the false impression that both are the same.

Let’s free ourselves from this confusion.

Compared to body mists, perfumes-

  • Are more expensive
  • Are more concentrated
  • Have less water additions
  • Have less alcohol content, thus last longer
  • Have more oils
  • Have a stronger scent

How to use body mists?

There are several blunders committed when it comes to the usage of body mist which then results in its users complaining that it doesn’t last long enough.

However there is a whole procedure that can be followed to use and make the body mist last longer.

It can be encapsulated in the following steps-

  • Apply body mist after showering and dabbing yourself clean off of the water. This is when the pores on the body are more open than usual and can retain the mist for longer
  • Maintain a distance of about 1 foot between your body and the spray
  • Use a scented or unscented lotion and apply it at the similar points as where you sprayed the body mist
  • Dress up once the spray has dried completely
  • Finally you can spray the body mist on a comb, which when brushed through your hair will evenly distribute the fragrance

Voila! Now you can see a drastic difference in the lasting capacity of the body mist. All that had to be done was to use it effectively.

Selecting the right body mist

There are a number of things that can be kept in mind while selecting a body mist.

  • Fragrance should be YOU: If you like the scent and feel it can work for you. Go for it.
  • Choose Wisely: There are some mists that can be applied on the whole body, while some that are restricted to a particular body part. So choose according to your requirement.
  • Decide your budget: Though body mists are less expensive than perfumes, still settling on a budget will help you to decide from the endless body mists.

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