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Spas make you feel heavenly. Any kind of spa relieves the tension with massages in your shoulder, back and neck and makes you feel refreshed. An idea of having one Spa Sunday to pamper your body at home is ideal. It would include a nice and long soak in a tub of warm water using a shower gel giving a unique and relaxing fragrance. Bathing this way is the best relaxing experience on Sunday removing all the tensions of the work week gone by and preparing your mind and body for the rigorous week ahead. This can then be followed up by a scrub and/ or mask.

So here are some great fragrances in shower gel which will give you that great relaxing experience taking spa on any day.

  • Jasmine – Research has shown that jasmine aroma helps soothe and relax your skin. Scent of jasmine decreases heart rate. Jasmine fragrance alleviates pains. It has antispasmodic properties which soothes sprains, pains and stiffness. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties infused in shower gels and lotions helps in bolstering skin’s immunity. Yet another benefit of jasmine is the restoration of skin’s elasticity and moisture retention. Bathing in jasmine based shower gels provide you all the above benefits by relaxing all the nerves and uplifting your spirit. Joy by nature brings to you a range of shower gels in jasmine fragrance, individually or combined with other essential oils.
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe vera has a wide range of benefits on skin and hair. Aloe vera based shower gel moisturizes skin and makes it clean and soft. It has a calming aroma which naturally relaxes the nerves in your body. The best result of using aloe vera is the long term effect. The skin moisturization done using aloe vera lasts close to 3 times more than any other product or oil. Joy by nature offers you various aloe vera based shower gels in wide ranges which not only have great foaming properties but are gentle and soothing on your skin.
  • Sandalwood – Sandalwood’s bright and sweet fragrance is best in reducing tension. This quality has made it ideal to be used in various bathing products. Besides retaining skin’s moisture, sandalwood soothes rashes and fills in skin cracks. It helps in reducing anxiety and bolsters blood pressure which in turn helps in minimizing headaches. Joy by nature brings all these values of sandalwood for you together in its shower gels together with the healing and therapeutic values.

Introducing some bit of luxury at the time of bathing is enjoying and rewarding yourself during those few minutes that you have all by yourself.

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