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The skin pigments or called as the melanin pigments provides the colour to the skin. Some very special cells are involved in the process of producing melanin and this is the reason there appears to be various skin types and colours in the people. These pigments, when they function properly, help in maintaining the skin tone and also protect the people from getting affected from harmful radiations. When the function or the state of these pigments goes for a turn, they start to produce the pigments that start to appear as patches on the skin. This condition is called as hyper pigmentation,which gives the person an aged look at a very young age.

Hyper pigmentation of the skin can be seen in various forms in the person. For few people small brown spots start to appear as patches on the skin, for few the colour of the skin start to become dark or light than the usual or wrinkles start appearing and the skin may turn flaky. These changes are a result of several hormonal changes that are brought about by the faulty melanin production that is the result of several faulty chemical reactions in the skin. Treatment for ageing is quite common these days and easily available to people. 

Fighting the ageing process

Looking aged at a very young age can turn out to be tedious. This changes the entire look of the person in a short period. For people who are really worried about this particular disorder, anti-ageing products have been introduced in the market. These products are obtained from all natural sources like plants and seeds. People prefer the products that have been produced by organic methods than the normal products that have some chemicals in them.

Some of the doctors’ state that hyperpigmentation that leads to the aged look can be brought about by the over exposure to sunlight or also due to the exposure to other forms of radiations in their place of work or when they go out. You cannot stop yourself from being exposed to these lights but you have the power to stop these from ruining your skin also the ability to prevent yourself from looking aged.

Remedies for the aged look

There are many great natural remedies that help in cleansing your skin and giving you the forever young look.

  • Rice Milk Combo: This is one of the most natural combinations that can cleanse your skin and remove any pigmentation. Since, in India, rice and milk are available in abundance, it is easier to go with this combo, and if these are not available, there are umpteen products in the market for this.

  • Aloe Vera and Cucumber: Two of the best cooling agents put together as one, helps rejuvenate skin. Aloe Vera is an important ingredient in treating acne and skin rashes and cucumber cools your body down, helping in maintaining your ageless beauty.

  • Blueberry: Blueberry masks are very commonly used face masks that give instant results to the user. Adding few more ingredients like almonds and oats and making this into a scrub-facial combo is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin from ageing.

  • Scrubs with Blackberry and Walnut: Blackberry is known for its amazing antioxidant properties and it is loaded with vitamins to help your skin stay young. With walnut, this scrub gives an extra boost of vitamin E, which is very important in maintaining your skin pigments the proper way.

There are many other exciting combos and products that will help you reduce the speed of ageing of your skin. You can view many such organic and natural products on the Joy by Nature website.


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