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Natural Beauty is what everyone wishes for. A woman looks most beautiful in the morning when she gets up. It is time to true this sentence by adopting some healthy and natural ways to easily bleach at skin without having any reversal bad effect. Many synthetic products when used on skin have known to evacuate all the softness from the skin leaving it completely dry and rough. Some products have known to cause blackness on skin, thereby altering its natural colour. Thus these artificial products are famous for their fake beauty effects. But as of now no need to be dependent on them as many natural ways have been developed to get the golden glow within bucks. Daily home ingredients have those natural properties to help us bleach at home easily. Even many natural products have been introduced in the market to compete with those artificial ones.


Natural Ways to Bleach

  • Lemon

Lemon is considered to be an excellent bleaching agent as it contains the citric acid. It removes the upper damaged layer of the skin by removing all the scars, blemishes, and ugly black dots to make us feel confident over our skin and give us the glow we desire to have. It can be used by taking the juice of half a lemon and applying briskly over our skin with a cotton ball. If it feels stringent then the lemon juice can be diluted by adding few drops of water to it.

  • Curd

Curd or yoghurt whatever it is called is another good daily home ingredient which can be used for beauty purpose too. Making of curd is natural process whereby the bacteria multiplies and makes the milk thick in the form of the curd. Thus curd contains both the milk enzymes and lactic acid. These properties enhance the skin tone and automatically bleach the skin removing all impurities from the skin. Curd can be mixed well with the gram flour by adding rosewater to it. This will help remove scars as well.

  • Milk/Turmeric Powder and Honey

Often during wedding it is seen that turmeric powder is applied to look special on the wedding day. It is a well-known custom in India. Turmeric is a good beauty agent as it improves the colour of the skin by reducing the melanin levels in the skin. The organic turmeric powder can mix well with honey and be applied on face to get the golden glow.

Apart from turmeric powder when pure milk is mixed with organic honey it becomes rich in anti-bacterial agents that help in repairing the skin cells while acting as a perfect remedy for acne and pimples. Raw milk properties act as a great cleanser which helps in improving the skin tone.

  • Banana and Almond Oil Pack

One of the super effective home remedy for lightening the skin tone is the blend of ripe bananas and organic almond oil which is a rich source of Vitamin C and B6 thereby helping in improving the skin tone. It is also rich in natural anti-agents which change the skin health making it more soft and supple. It has some good anti-inflammatory properties which repairs any skin infections and allergies.


There are lot many other remedies to get the skin in a perfect look and colour to walk confidently on the streets with the head held high. These few daily home ingredients have so many useful properties that one can put them to various uses. Let’s give them a chance to show their magic.


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