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When parents start a new life with the baby one of the most daunting things to experience can be a diaper change. Diaper changes tend to be ugly business. Even when you feel that the baby or toddler is being extremely cooperative it can turn in a nightmare. One turn or screaming jump can turn a neat diaper change in to a glorious mess. So how to change a diaper is the cleanest way possible?

Go about it with confidence

Try to have a bit of confidence when you are changing diapers. Also do not fumble around you will have to keep your grip tight but not so much that you will hurt the baby, if you have a diaper changing table then good enough if you have to do it on the floor ten try to do it on the same spot every time. If you tend to change locations all the time you will only be spreading germs which will cause an even bigger problem. Try to set up a changing station near the bathroom so that you are close to the sink. Never change diapers on a kitchen counter or dining room. Those places are where people eat so the spread of germs must be avoided around those areas. Also do you really want your baby to be so close to knives and utensils? Changing baby cloth diapers is a simple issue but it takes time to learn the process.

Assemble everything before you start

Start a diaper change only when you have assembles everything you will need. You do not want to go for the powder which is in a different room in between a diaper changing process. If you go about getting stuff in between a diaper change you are prolonging the process and that can cause the germs to spread. So make sure you have everything you will need for the changing before you start. Roll up the diaper carefully. This may be a difficult task with the baby kicking and screaming all the time but do try. If you can however roll it up and reseal the adhesive tapes you will have the diaper in a germ sealed manner which is the correct way to dispose of diapers. Start using a diaper pail since they tend to make sure your house doesn’t start smelling like a latrine. They also reduce the spread of germs due to their efficient design.

Use a lot of distractions

When you are changing the diapers try to distract the baby with toys or sounds etc. Do not just wrestle with the baby since that will increase the chances of the germs spreading around. Distractions will help a lot during newborn baby diapers changes. Try to divide her attention for a few seconds so that you can quickly pull off the diaper. That way there will be no spillage or sudden mess. Make sure you wash all the toys you had used during the distraction once the diaper change is over though. Double check if everything went smoothly. Many times you will find that the diaper change looked like it went smoothly only to discover later on that the fit wasn’t perfect etc. It is better to get the job done on the first go than keep touching the diaper again and again. Make times poop may touch your baby’s feet or arms so make sure that he or she is totally clean once the change is done.


Wash your baby’s hands and feet

Always wash your baby’s hands and feet after a diaper change. Even if you know for sure that he or she hasn’t touched any unwanted material it is a good idea to wash them. When you are washing eth diapers make sure that you are using hot water so that you can get the germs out. You should pre-soak them and ten double rinse them when the wash is over. Try to wash the diaper pad daily and without fail. Changing pads and covers can tend to get dirty pretty quickly. Put in your washing hours in a routine manner. 

If you follow these factors you will be able to go about all the diaper changes without any problems. Buy baby diapers online at affordable price rates and you will find added discounts when you buy in bulk.


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