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Taking care of babies can be a little bit hard considering so many things which you have to keep in mind. Including their diet plans clothing etc. However one season which you need to look out for even more is the winter season. Winter season can be exceptionally rough on your baby if you do not provide the necessary care. It is a season when you baby can feel tired often and also attract various diseases. Most of the common winter viruses are air borne so if your baby takes a breath at say within 4 to 6 feet of someone who is sick he or she can get sick as well. Due to such conditions it is safe to keep your baby under constant watch and make sure that you know what the surrounding is when you are with your baby.  Also most people who are stricken by winter viruses tend to be contagious before they even develop any kind of symptoms. Due to this when you take your baby away from a sneezing or sniffing individual doesn’t necessarily guarantee that he won’t come down with the symptoms himself.


If you think that bundling up your baby will take an effect on the chances of him or her getting the flu you are wrong. Exposure to hot or cold water has no relation with your infant catching the flu. Although taking certain precautions is always good in protecting your baby from any kind of germs or flu viruses. Here are some baby care tips for winter.

What you should do to minimise the chances

Remember that no matter what you do your baby may come down with a little bit of cold during the winter season. That cannot be helped. But you can take care of your baby in such a way that the chances of getting sick doesn’t increase.

Wash hands

You need to wash your hands as well as your baby’s regularly. It is the most effective way to get rid of germs and flu viruses. Make sure you wash your hands with a proper hand wash every time you touch your baby. Do this especially when you have just wash your baby’s hands as well since they tend to put their hands in their mouth a lot during that age.

Make sure about which people are touching your baby. Many times people or relatives in particular have a feeling of showing affection by touching your baby. If your baby is a few months old then tell them politely to only touch the baby’s feet if they really wish to. This will avoid unwanted contact and decrease the transmission of germs from their hands to the baby. Also ask them to wash their hands if they wish to touch the baby. 

Wear warm clothing

Keep your child snug all throughout the winter season. This means that use blankets to wrap up your baby wherever you are going or even if you are just keeping inside the house. Also make sure that the baby is getting massages. A massage with massage oil can help your baby’s skin to stay moisturised and smooth. Winter season can be hard on the baby’s skin so try to avoid the dry texture which winter can bring. Maintaining healthy massages can also help the body heat to spread and make the child feel warm and healthy during eth winter season. If you wish to get the best results try massaging with mustard oil since that will help your baby a lt. Heat up the oil a little bit and then gently stroke it on your child’s chest area to remove any flu or cold.

Avoid open spaces

Open spaces can be a great place for babies but it is not a great place in winter. Dew drops can play a huge affect on the health of babies as it can be really harsh on your baby’s health. Dew drops can bring about fever and cold so avoid any open spaces after evening or early morning. It is fine to take him r her out during the afternoon though. These are just some of the newborn care for winter tips you should follow.


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