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Baby skin is soft and delicate. Be sure to face diaper rashes.Be prepared for the flare ups and prepare for your babies difficult days.

Before we suggest what you can to save your baby from the trouble, you must know what causes, these diaper rashes.

  • Wearing dirty and soiled diapers too long
  • Allergic infection to diapers
  • Rubbing of the soft skin to the diaper
  • Bacterial infection

Since, diaper rashes are common there is no need to get hyper about it. All babies and their parents have to deal with such stuffs. The redness and flakiness disappears with time and does not need too much of attention. But in order to make the baby feel comfortable we suggest some measures to prevent it.

Tips to treat diaper rashes-

  • Always clean your hands before putting your babies diaper on and also after removing it
  • Always be careful about not make your baby wear the same old diaper for a long time. Change as soon as they become soggy
  • Use plain water to clean your baby
  • If you prefer using wipes, use soft wipes which is alcohol free.
  • You may also use cotton balls or cotton cloth to clean baby poop.
  • Moisturize the genitals and the area beside the genitals to keep diaper rashes Coconut oil is a very good moisturizer to fight diaper rashes.
  • Add two spoons of baking soda in a gallon on warm water. Make your baby sit in to for some time, this soothes the rashes and cures them.
  • Allows your baby to be without diapers. Airing of these places heals the redness and flaky skin.

Creams and powders

It is almost impossible to keep babies away from diapers. Since it is difficult you can also opt for the creams which moisturize. Ointments containing zinc and those with petroleum jellies are highly effective.

Baby talcum powders and rash fighting powders are also very useful to fight baby rashes. They keep the area dry and help fight bacteria and infections.

Keeping your baby healthy and happy is always your top priority. Since diapers are unavoidable, you need to make sure that you do everything to protect your baby from diaper rashes. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your baby’s bum smooth and soft, free of any rash. Click here for the best cure of baby nappy rashes.


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