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Baby diapers are available in a variety and they are necessary for every parent. They are on the top of to buy list whenever parents have a baby. But there are various people who have very little idea about what are different types of diaper available to them. There are a variety of different baby diapers online.  While many think that there are only two types which are cloth diapers and disposable diapers that are not true. There are various sub types of diapers.

Here is a list of all the types of diapers which you can find in the stores:

Prefolds+ covers

Pre-folds are given that name since they are stitched together and folded to give more layers in the crater of the diaper. They come in a variety of different fabrics from bamboo to hemp. Also you can numerous sizes of these diapers. For people who wish to go for a long time investment these are your best options. You will have to hire a diaper service though when you start using these pre-fold diapers. 

You will have to use an outer diaper cover when you are using these diapers though. The popular diaper covers tend to mimic the shape of a disposable diaper and fit around with baby’s waist with a series of snaps or Velcro strips. The fabric is of poly-blend fabric. It also comes with a laminated water proof interior. You can find these ain a variety of different of sizes and colours as well.

Hybrid diapers

Get ready to combine the benefits of cloth diapers with the ease of disposable diapers in this hybrid diaper. These diapers have two inner absorbent layers which absorb all the waste liquid.  These two layers can be of both cloth type of a disposable type. Cloth inserts basically tend to be rectangular runners. These are made in a number of fabrics including cotton, microfiber, and/or hemp. They are also sometimes filled with absorbent micro fibres. Disposable inserts on the other hand are single use versions. You can buy rolls of them and they are pretty cheap. They are real handy when you are on the go but they do generate less waste than cloth inserts. They tend to be low on chemicals and there are biodegradable versions of these inserts available as well.


All in ones and pocket diapers

All in ones provide both an absorbent layer as well as a waterproof out shell all in one piece. They fasten at the hip with Velcro or snaps to keep the baby comfy. Pocket diapers are pretty much similar to all in ones. They also feature an inbuilt interior pocket which contains a removable absorbent insert. You can try a variety of different inserts and test out the absorbency capabilities. Once when you are satisfied with a type you can continue with that one. These take less time to dry than thicker. Also they are both affordable and cost nearly the same. You can go for each of these if you are someone who takes your baby out a lot. They tend to be great on the go diapers.


Research thoroughly

Just knowing about which diapers are great will not get the job done for you. Many babies tend to love a certain type of diaper while many hate them. You need to know exactly what your needs are before you can settle on a final diaper which you will continue using. At the end it all comes down to what our baby feels comfortable with. If you think that disposable diapers are good and you do not wish to face the hassles of diaper services then go for that. And if you think that diaper services are better and you would rather save money by buying cloth diapers that works as well. You have to know as a parent which will satisfy you and the baby you are nursing. Go buy baby cloth diapers or disposable diapers from any online store but make sure that you have the right size measured for your baby. Getting eth size right will help you give the baby’s skin some room to breathe so that less diaper rash forms. Only buy newborn baby diapers after going through the possibilities.



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