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Parenting is a full-time job that all of us would be delighted to undertake. There is no greater reward than the smile your little one gives when he or she sees you. To keep your baby smiling, you must take the responsibility of baby hygiene in order to provide the best care you can. If you are still unsure of what this exactly means, keep reading to find your answers.

  • Wash Your Hands

Since the baby is going to spend most of the day with you, it is vital that you are clean and hygienic yourself. Wash your hands before you lift your little one to cuddle or play. This, to a great extent, will reduce the number of infections. Do not take this on a light note because, in babies, the immunity is quite low.

Babies come with a lot of responsibility. This means that you need to be on guard to ensure that your baby is safe and secure. Taking a shower is probably the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of hygiene and this rings true for the tiny tots too. Also, this is a wonderful time for both of you to have fun splashing around with the water. Add a few toys and it will be a great experience for both you and your baby. Select a good baby soap and begin your mission.

  • Powder Your Way to Good Hygiene

Baby powders are not just a way of keeping the skin fresh, these are also to reduce sweating especially during hot conditions. Just like how we feel irritable when we are drenched in sweat, babies too tend to get uncomfortable and as a result, fussy. Powdering them generously after a bath keeps these little ones fresh all day!

It is important that you wipe your baby’s bottoms clean before diapering him or her each time. This not only cleans the area but also prevents the growth of bacteria and infections. After all, what is hygiene without cleaning the lower areas?!

  • Clean the Toys!

Babies tend to put everything that they can lay their hands on into their mouth. So, clean all the toys and play materials frequently with disinfectants so that you can be assured that your little one is not inserting a cluster of bacteria into his or her mouth.

  • Clean the Surroundings!

When you have a baby in the house, you need to go an extra mile to ensure that your house is spick and span. You simply cannot afford to have dust accumulating or garbage piling around. Also, make sure that your house is not a place where insects decide to have a picnic and use repellents to ensure safety.

  • Dinner Time Hygiene

As important as it is to feed your baby properly, you must clean up after the feeding session. Use bibs to avoid spilling the food. Also, wipe around the mouth gently with a moist cloth. The utensils, that is a different story altogether. You will need to clean them effectively so that your baby gets to eat the next meal from bowls and spoons that do not host harmful diseases.

  • Dental Care

You can start the dental care routine even before the teeth peek out. Gently clean the gums with a moist and clean cloth. Once the teeth appear, you can start using a baby toothbrush to clean twice a day. Do this with extreme care for one harsh movement can be painful for the baby.

Once you check these little things off the list, your baby is sure to be shielded against various kinds of disease-causing sources. The sweet smile will fill your heart with joy, after all what more can a parent want than the love and happiness of his or her baby?


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