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Imagine what will happen when you will provide your baby with a full body massage when just holding him puts him into a great essence of joy. You are actually stimulating his central nervous system when you give your baby a body massage using organic baby oils. Giving your baby a body massage is as simple as it is enjoyable. It makes your baby’s skin more soft, smooth and supple. It is not only good for your baby’s skin but it aids in developing his emotional well-being as well. This affectionate touch through massage is kind of a communication between you and your baby and due to this communication, you are able to share a strong bond with your baby. However, all you need to do is, selecting the right oil, checking the ideal conditions and maintaining a proper routine for giving a good massage to your baby.

How to provide your baby with a good massage?

Massage should only be initiated when you are sure you are able to handle your baby perfectly. Baby massage using baby oils has its own benefits and is very easy to perform. Enlisted below are the tips to give a good massage to your baby:

  • Make sure the room is warm and quiet.
  • Remove all your accessories before you start.
  • You should consult your doctor to find which oil suit the needs of your baby’s skin. However, organic baby oil are considered to be the best for new-born babies.
  • Make sure you have all pre-requisites such as towel, fresh clothes, diapers and oil.
  • Now you shall start by rubbing the massage oil over your baby’s skin.

  • Give smooth and gentle stroke. The strokes should be firm at the same time. Use your palm and fingers to give such strokes.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not forget to warm the massage oil before applying it over your little baby’s skin.

  • Do not put much pressure on baby’s body.
  • Do maintain eye contact with your baby while massaging his body using organic baby oil.
  • Do not stop the massage suddenly.
  • Do not wake your baby up especially for massaging his body.
  • Do not massage your baby at the places where he has been injured.
  • Do not feed him immediately before or after massage.


  • Massaging your baby using good baby oil benefits him in a number of ways. It not only refreshes him up but it also gives you a way through which you can talk with you little wonder. It inculcates a soothening effect within your baby’s skin in and out.
  • Giving you’re a baby a massage also increases his and yours emotional well-being. It also aids you in reading his body signals and responses towards certain stimuli.
  • There exist some scientific reasons as well behind why giving your baby a massage benefits him/her to a great extent. A good massage using the best massage oil helps the brain of your baby in producing serotonin, a feel-good chemical. This results in decrease of the heart rate and breathing slows down as well. As a result, your baby remains calm, composed and relaxed.

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