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If you happen to be someone who isn’t much familiar with handling babies let alone a just born, fear and nervousness will definitely be present when you become a new mom or dad. There will be advice and tips from friends, relatives and acquaintances and at times, they might be controversial. But you needn’t worry, here are a few tips and products that will help you take care of your new born like a pro!

  • Lifting a New Born

Remember to support the head because the neck is not developed enough to withstand the baby’s head. When you are lifting or cradling, put one hand on the head and the other on the body to ensure that the baby is comfortable supported and can rest peacefully in your arms.

A diaper is one of the most used baby care products. That is why opting for one that will not harm your baby’s skin is quite important. Today, many young mothers are switching to diapers with anti-rash protection so that the delicate and fragile skin is not damaged.

  • Never Leave Your Baby Alone

Babies, especially new-borns are prone to a wide number of unimaginable accidents, especially when they are around water or heavy objects. Always keep an eye on the baby and if you have to go somewhere, take the baby with you or have someone else watch him or her for you.

  • Bonding with Your Little One

Bonding with the baby during the first few years are very important in determining the mental health of your child throughout his or her life. Babies love vocal sounds. So talk and sing to your baby, it doesn’t matter even if you are bad at singing, the baby needs to hear your voice to feel safe and secure. And of course, babies are great to be cuddled. Shower your new born with love, but do remember to be careful.

Wash your baby’s body with little soap and lots of water. Wipe the face and head with a moist washcloth and if you do apply shampoo, make sure you cup your hand above the eyes so that the shampoo does not get into the eyes and irritate them. Prefer organic and natural soaps and shampoos to chemical ones as they will be gentler on the skin.

Baby lotions are a great way to keep your baby’s skin fresh and hydrated. Especially during winter, the delicate skin of your baby is prone to dryness and many such conditions. To keep his or her skin supple and hydrated, apply body lotions that are specifically designed for use on baby skin. These are available in different flavours and will keep the baby smelling fresh and wonderful all day!

Just like how all of us love massages, so do babies. In fact, touch is the sense that is developed completely by birth and a good massage will not just help your infant feel secure but also soothe and calm them into a good sound sleep. This is also said to ease pains and teething trouble. And yes, there is no better way to bond with your baby. Again, choose good oils that can be trusted to be applied on new-borns.

Both motherhood and fatherhood are experiences and memories to be cherished for a life time. The joy of bringing a new life into the world cannot be made justice to by binding it into mere words. Put aside your fears and do not hesitate to ask for help. Enjoy the journey of being a parent by showering the apple of your eye with immeasurable care, love and affection. Happy parenting!


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