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The best thing for you is to see your bundle of joy smiling. You can do anything and everything for your little one just to see him relaxed.

Your baby cannot communicate with you as his senses are still developing, but the only sense which is highly active is the sense of touch. This is the reason why massage is considered an instinctive healing touch.

You can start massaging your baby soon after birth even in case of premature birth. People generally advise you to start after 10 to 15 days of birth. This lovely way of expressing love has various inclined benefits which help your baby to develop healthier and faster.

What is baby massage and how is it different?

Baby massage is very different from adult massage. You have to be very gentle in your strokes. Your hands must easily glide over the tender skin of baby. With the right kind of massage you stimulate your baby’s central nervous system. According to a study in the University of Miami School of Medicine, massage releases a chemical from the brain, serotonin which is also called a feel good chemical. This is the reason why baby feel relaxed after a good massage.

For a good massage you need to follow certain rules:

  • Pick up a time when you are relaxed
  • Baby should be alert but not fussy
  • Always stick to one time; this brings discipline in your child
  • While massage either sing his favourite songs or talk to your baby
  • Your room should be warm and cosy for the child
  • Choose a place which gives you enough space may be a bed or on floor.
  • Choose the right kind of organic oil which suits your baby’s skin.

Benefits of infant massage

 Baby massage benefits both the parents and the baby. It creates a beautiful baby-parent bonding. Your baby feels loved and thus relaxed. Massage creates awareness in your child as massage stimulates sensory organs.

Babies who are regularly massaged have a better digestion and are less colicky. A good massage balances respiration and helps in proper waste elimination.  When your baby sleeps properly it is good for his immunity and also a relief for parents.

As a parent you learn to understand your baby cues. You develop the technique to soothe and calm your baby. You observe your baby’s body part closely and can see your baby growth. As a parent you develop confidence to nurture your kid.

Types of massages

A full body massage includes different kinds of strokes as each and every body part requires different pressure. We have many pressure points all over our body the right massage will touch all these pressure points.

Leg massage includes a light but firm grip and includes gliding movement from thigh to ankle.

Belly massage requires circular clock wise movements. The movement should be around the navel.

In arm massage you roll your baby’s arms in between your palms. Start from his shoulder up to his wrist.

Neck massage requires a lot of care as your baby’s neck is still not firm. With the support of one hand below baby’s neck, use thumb at one side and two fingers on the other side rub your baby’s neck in a circular motion.

If your baby is colicky then you must first do a belly massage followed by some exercises. You must bend his knees up to his tummy. Do this three to four times, it releases pent-up gas and gives babies instant relief.

There is another kind of massage called Hold me close which is especially for premature babies. The mother keeps her child on her bare chest and then massages baby’s body slowly. It is believed this kind of massage helps preemies to grow faster.

Once you get use to massaging your baby you will be able to understand all his demands and desires, which stroke he likes and which he does not. Enjoy massaging your little one it is really therapeutic!

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