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Is your baby a winter baby? Winters are so much fun and all the more as you would love to snuggle your little one. After the harsh summers winters are a real respite but brings in a lot of challenge especially for new moms. The dry winters require a lot of skin care for your little one. Apart from skin care you have to protect your baby with cold and flu.

 Massage is an old tradition which brings positive changesin the body of a newborn. Many people preffer oil than creams.

 Why oil massage?

 Anybody would love a body rub and for babies it is very relaxing. Babies love the gentle touch on their bodies as it gives relief to their bones and muscles. Massage works as a therapeutic remedy for kids.

 Out of all the five senses, touch is highly developed in the new borns. With the right kind of massage it leads to overall development in children. Massage can be beneficial for babies in the following ways:

 It relieves tummy troubles

  • Give relaxation to tired muscles
  • Calm baby’s mood
  • Helps in sound sleep
  • Creates a special bond with mother
  • Instigate all five senses of the body

 What about massaging babies in winters?

 Often people ask about winter massage. Some people say winter massages should be stopped. This is wrong! The only thing which you must keep in mind is that your room should be cosy. No passage of air should enter the room rest massage should never be stopped. This is the complete kind of relaxation which you can give your child. In the early years of growth and development oil massage have proven various benefits.

 Massages builds up immunity and gives proper blood circulation. Small babies usually lie on bed or in their cots this inhibits their body blood circulation. Massage can do wonders for your little ones body.

 Which oil to choose?

 There are varieties of oils available in the market for baby massage. Do not go by name but go for the properties of oil. Avoid using scented oil and oils used for adult massages.

 Here are some of the beneficial oils that can be used in winters:

 Mustard Oil: many people opt for mustard oil as they have traditional faith attached to it. It is believed that mustard oil is the best oil for winters as it keeps your baby warm. Mustard oil prevents skin rash and other allergies and is good for hair too. However some babies are allergic to mustard oil, in that case you will have to look for other options.

 Pure Ghee: pure ghee is another option for massages in winters. It helps to protect your little one from cold and keeps the skin supple.

 Olive Oil: Olive oil is very famous for massages in western countries. It is gaining importance in other parts of world too. Olive oil is another good option for massages as it does wonder for skin and hair.

 Almond oil: many people mix almond oil with other oils as it is highly rich in Vitamin E. Amond oil is believed to reduce anxiety in children thus forms a major constituent in various massage oils.

 Tea tree oil: another oil which is gaining importance is Tea Tree oil as it has antisceptic properties.

 Castor Oil: castor oil is very good for skin, hair and nails. However which doing baby massage one should avoid eyes and lip area.

 How does oil massage help babies in winter?

 The only trouble which winters bring is cold and flu. It troubles the little ones as they are still coping to develop immunity. Massages have proven great benefits during winters for babies.

 Mustard oil when heated with garlic cloves and fenugreek seeds prevents cold. Garlic has anti bacterial and antiviral properties and fenugreek seeds soothes the tired body.

 Many babies are colicky and mostly the problem arises in winters. Mustard oil with carom seeds can soothe colic problems in babies.

 If your baby is allergic to mustard oil then use olice oil or almond oil.

 Massaging your baby is a beautiful experience and develops a strong bond between mother and child. Try to fix one time for baby massages. Baby desire for massage grows and they tend to enjoy it more.

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