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Baby diapers have been the reason of comfort for babies as well as the parents. Ease of usage and availability has made it a popular choice. But, in spite of its paramount advantages, it offers disadvantages too. One of such issue is of Baby diapers rash. Diaper rashes are painful for the baby and distressing for the parents. Many factors are responsible for this issue, like:

  • Leaving wet or dirty diaper for extended periods.
  • Rubbing of baby’s bottom against the diaper itself.
  • Reaction against the diaper as an allergy.
  • Yeast or bacterial indisposition.

All these issues cause diaper rashes on baby’s bottom. Diaper rashes cannot be altogether protected against, but some fundamental measures can minimize its occurrence.

  • Baby’s bottom should be kept clean

Baby’s skin should be kept clean and dry for the maximum time possible. Soiled or wet diapers should be removed away from baby’s bottom as soon as possible. Also, regular monitoring of the diaper should be done so that in case it gets wet, it can be changed.

  • Lukewarm water or mild cleanser should be used

Baby’s delicate skin demands tenderness, hence lukewarm water and baby wipes should be utilized for cleaning the diaper area. Sometimes mild baby cleansers can also be utilized for cleaning.

  • Never rub the diaper area

After cleaning is performed, baby’s bottom should be dried off. For drying purpose wipe or washcloth can be used, but the diaper area should never be rubbed for drying. Rather patting should be performed for drying the wet area.

  • Never over tighten the diapers

Diapers come in various sizes and hence appropriate size should be chosen as per the physique of the baby. Inappropriate sized diapers are also one of the causes of diaper rashes.

  • Baby should be kept diaper free sometimes

Airing of diaper area can largely reduce any chances of rashes, hence baby’s bottom should be kept away from diapers whenever possible!

In case rashes start appearing over baby’s bottom, creams and ointments can be applied to soothe the skin. They can also be used as another level of barrier after the diapers. Zinc oxide or petroleum jelly are the preferred choice of ingredients for creams.

  • Wash hands

Before and after changing the diaper, wash hands properly. Bacterial or yeast infection might spread to baby’s bottom through dirty hands.

  • Cloth or disposable diapers?

This might be the point of difference in many cases. Many parents would argue that cloth diapers are better than disposable diapers. But in reality there are no facts supporting them. Baby’s comfort should be given preference, then be it cloth or disposable diapers.

Tenderness and delicacy are two terms defined for baby skin care. Proper measures should be taken for while using diapers, because even a small negligence can be painful for the baby. Creams, ointments, wipes and cleansers should be utilized for a healthy baby bottom. Click here to explore more varieties that JBN offers.


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