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The outdoors is not as much a part of children’s lives as they were earlier. Nowadays most people live in cramped city apartments with little outside space for children to indulge in outdoor games and activities. This is the reason that most adults and children today are suffering from what is termed as nature deficit. In fact it is necessary for children and even babies to spend at least some time outdoors. This is especially true of babies because there are several physical and psychological benefits of babies playing outside.

A child gets to learn a lot from nature – like recognizing some sounds and colors. Understanding the natural elements like the sky, grass, flowers etc., which is very educational. The best part is that you do not have to put in any effort for this type of natural education. Apart from this being in open spaces makes every person feel free and joyous and if this is true for adults then it is doubly so for babies. This in turn will enhance mental growth and agility and make their reflexes faster.

At the same time, being close to nature will mean gaining the benefit that nature has to offer. For instance being in a garden or park in the day time will ensure that the baby gets sufficient oxygen. Then again spending some time in the sun will ensure that he or she gets the daily dose of Vitamin D. Open spaces also encourage a child to be more physically active. This is the reason that it is advisable for letting your baby play outdoors, albeit with your constant and vigilant supervision.

However, outdoor environments havea lot of greenery. There are some hazards as well. One of the most common one is the nuisance of flying insects like mosquitos and flies. Although there are some insect repellants available in the market, most of them are chemical based and can harm your baby especially if applied on the skin. This is the reason you need to look for herbal and safe options for your child. Such herbal insect repellants are easily available in online stores and you can search the internet for such stores that specialize in selling herbal baby products.

The other thing that you need to be careful about is to protect your baby from the harsh elements. Too much exposure to harsh sunlight can harm the baby’s tender skin. At the same time, strong and cold winds can also cause him or her to fall ill. This is the reason that you should always keep a baby wrap or blanket handy to cover the little one for protection. When you are outside, changing the baby’s diapers may also be a challenge.

This is the reason that you may need either disposable diapers or diaper inserts which can be used for up to 3 hours and then replaced with fresh ones. Even these should be made of material that keeps the baby dry and comfortable. This will ensure that there is no development of painful rash or other infections. All these organic baby products are available in the types of websites mentioned above and to look through one such website you can click here 


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