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Babies have very sensitive and delicate hair. If not taken care of properly, your child's hair can get dry, unruly, and lead to unhealthy scalp and skin. A baby's hair needs as much, if not more, attention as you give your own by going to the salon regularly. Properly caring for your child's hair will ensure proper growth, reduce risk of hair problems when the child grows and ensures a shiny and healthy appearance. Use quality products to help you take care of your angel's hair.

  • Cleaning
    The most strenuous task of child hair care is cleaning. Mainly because your child will not sit steady in one place alone. Some will move around aggressively, rejecting the bath altogether. You will have to do your best to make the bath as painless and as fun as possible. Sing a song while you're at it! Or just talk to your infant in a melodious way.

  • Protecting the eyes
    Soap and shampoo will inevitably enter the eyes. This could cause lethal damage if the product being used has not been made specifically for babies. Spend some time and carefully choose baby soaps,  baby shampoos and baby conditioners that contain nutrients and chemicals essential for the baby. These will eliminate the hazard of damage to eyes and skin in the bathing process if chosen properly.

  • Combing

A baby's hair is soft and tends to get entangled after washing. Removing the knots before they become big is important. This task can be a hassle and pulling out the knots rigidly could hurt your baby. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove the knots. Avoid using a brush as far as possible. If brushes alone are available, use a soft brush.

  • Hair cuts

Your child's hair should be relatively easy to care for with a proper hair cut. If your child has curly hair, you might want to keep all the hair at the same uniform length with no bangs. If your baby has thick hair, keeping it short could be a wise option. Consult an established hair-dresser for options. Go to a salon meant only for babies, or which is run by someone certified to handle babies.

  • Steering clear of Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is the oily and flaky patches of skin on the scalp. This generally occurs due to dryness of the scalp. It is common among newborns. If your child shows cradle cap, fear not. It can be treated with simple remedies.
Comb and wash out all the dry skin on the scalp. Perform a lotion massage on the scalp and hair to prevent dryness from returning. Using olive oil in place of baby oil to remove the flakes is recommended.

Taking care of your baby's necessities isn't impossible to achieve, provided you follow your baby's cues. These tips can help you take care of your baby's hair in the most efficient way possible. Click here for hair care products for babies offered by Joy by Nature.


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