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Watching a child grow from a new born who cannot even support his head to a toddler who takes his first hesitant steps is a joy to his parents. And in order to support his rapid growth, you must learn to understand your baby’s dietary needs as well as possible. Read on to find about the right time you can start your baby on solids.

Every baby is different, but 6 months is a good guess

Your baby is definitely unique when it comes to her eating habits, as is every other baby, but most experts agree that 6 months is a good time to introduce your infant to solid food. By this time your baby is old enough to move about in some ways, feeding it solids will be less of a hassle.

What should you feed him till 6 months?

The era of wet nurses is gone, so your own breast milk is your safest bet. Breast milk is extremely important for your baby as it contains all the antibodies your baby is born without. It helps the baby become immune to various diseases and prepares its digestive system for future foods.

Why is breast milk so important?

Breast milk is full of nutrients that your baby needs to grow rapidly. It protects your infant from iron-deficiencies, allergies and respiratory infections among many others. Some studies also speculate on the possible role breast milk could play in reducing the risk of obesity in the child’s future.

There’s happy news for the mother’s too

In addition to being a great way for the mother and the baby to connect and bond, breastfeeding also is said to help women lose the post partum weight. Some studies indicate that women who breast fed their children up to 6 months had an easier time reducing weight compared to those who didn’t. 

What are the right solids to give your child?

Once you cross the first 6 months, you can start with soft solid foods like bananas and sweet potatoes. Try one teaspoon at a time and wait for a while to see how your child reacts to it. If there are no negative reactions then along with your doctor’s advice, you can gradually increase the amount. Be sure to wait for some time after you introduce a new food  to check for allergic reactions.

Feeding your baby solid foods is going to be incredibly messy but also extremely fun! Take help from your spouse while feeding your child and you can be sure of creating some great memories while you are at it! Joy by Nature has many products that can help you care for a beautiful baby, so be sure to drop in!


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