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One of the most difficult hurdles that you have to cross on an everyday basis as a parent is getting your kids ready for school. There is a lot of nagging, yelling and coaxing involved in making those willful souls get out of bed, into the shower, at the dining table and then to the car or school bus. However, the more you yell at them, the more stubborn they become and higher are the chances of them developing hatred towards their school. The idea then should be to figure out a friendly way to help them deal with the reality without compromising on their health and the time restrictions in the morning. Here is how you can plan out our schedule in the morning and a few suggestions on minimizing stress.

Creating a Routine and Sticking to It

We pick up most of our habits from our childhood and this includes our daily routine too. Thus, the plan you make for your child from their first day at school is likely to be with for them – your job is to make sure it is achievable. Making a routine will also simplify the process of getting ready and leaving for school, creating less confusion and scope for nagging. This way your kids will know what is expected of them at what time and practicing this for some time might lead to a day when they wait at the breakfast table but you aren’t ready with the food!

Planning in Advance

As in all situations, planning a day before helps in this case too. There are certain chores which you can do the night before to speed up work in the morning. For example, ironing the uniforms, planning the snacks the kids will carry, checking the calendar and routine and packing the school bag and the like. You also need to identify yours and your kid’s weaknesses. While some people work best under pressure, others just get flabbergasted. Understand which is the most comfortable for you and figure out a plan accordingly.

Make Everything Enjoyable Rather than a Task

Kids usually don’t like it if you force a schedule upon them or make them do something by force; whereas, there is really no alternative to getting ready for school in the morning. Thus, you should try to make them see the brighter side of things. Tell them how to make the most of their school days, try to make studies enjoyable by participating in it with them, pack them something interesting to eat in the morning and for lunch, choose healthy yet good smelling products for bath, etc.

When something has to be done on a daily basis, it must have some element of attractiveness to it. This is what needs to be established to your kids to make it simple for both of you get through the morning madness before school every day. Click here for some great breakfast cereals for your kids.


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