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Motherhood is never an easy thing, and you need to be double-cautious after your infant is born. Right from giving the baby enough nourishment and allowing sleeping for enough time, there are many other ways in which you can take care of the normal routine of the baby. However, there are 7 signs that will tell you whether your baby’s health is well or not. Check out the following:

  1. If the baby starts crying after intervals, and if it cries even when you feed and take care of it, then this constant crying can be a symptom that your baby is not feeling well. If the temperature on the baby’s body gets too high, then wrap him or her in baby wraps to keep him warm.
  2. Check the rate or urination and the color or the stool: it is important to look after the metabolic action in the baby’s body, and if you see that your baby gives out bad-smelling stool, or red or deep yellowish urine, then that can be the instance when you need to take your baby to the doctor.

  1. Always keep a soft baby pillow under the head of the baby, so that the head and shoulder can rest in a proper position. If the baby has constant paint in the joint and the neck area, then also it can keep on crying, plus, there can be inflammation all around the neck and shoulders.
  2. If the bay suddenly becomes non-responsive, lethargic or dull than the usual times, then you need to check the pulse rate and the heart condition of the baby.

  1. There are cases when the baby refuses to eat anything and there are abdominal disturbances. Gradually, the baby stops to eat anything and in dire cases, it also faints. This case can be due to acute dysentery or abdominal infection, and you need to consult the doctor as soon as possible.
  2. You can also ensure the wellness of baby if eats properly, and regains weight every month.
  3. There can also be cases of blocked nose, cough and chest congestion, if you find out that the baby is unable to breathe suddenly. In these cases, you need to keep the baby wrapped into warm towels or blankets, till the doctor is called.

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