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The delicate skin of your baby needs the gentle feel of softness that could only be fulfilled by the natural touch of organic baby towels which being free from harmful chemicals, literally wraps your child in a hug of goodness and purity, while also causing fewer allergies. Organic clothing is furthermore considered to be softer than conventional clothing, in addition to being safer for the tender and developing skin of a baby, and also has been proved to reduce respiratory problem. For the baby, the soft feel of the baby towels might appeal as much as the fresh and pleasant smell.

Key advantages of organic baby towels :

  • As they aremade from the blend of bamboo and Cotton fabrics, their quality is superior, leading to the spurning of a highly absorbent, very breathable and ultra soft yarn, which make it an instant win to be used on tender baby skin.
  • The chief ingredient bamboo, grows naturally without the use of pesticides and fungicides, as pathogens don't usually attack the plant, thus being chemically clean of harm in addition to being environmentally conscious.
  • The fibre accepts organic and natural colors and dyes.
  • Hypo-allergenic, and mold, mildew and bacteria resistant, even after numerous washes.
  • And the most important point while taking care of a baby, the material of the soft baby towel could be easily washed, and it does not wrinkle even after numerous washes, also it is machine friendly, and does not need fabric softeners. Click here  to try them.

Usages of Baby towels:Baby towels are ideal to be used on children upto age 8 months. The following  are a few ways they could be used.

  • The most fundamental wayof using them is that of drying and wrapping up the baby after a cleanse.
  • For covering or nursing of wounds, for which the all-natural, non-bacterial fibre of the body towel will act as a shield against infections.
  • They could also be a source of fun, as you can poke holes through the hooded ones, and embellish them to create pretty outfits or costumes for your baby.
  • Acts as an emergency washcloth in times of need.
  • This one is completely for the thrifty mothers who are fond of using everything at their disposal to their fullest potential. Even after your baby is grown out of the 8-month phase, you could work the baby towel as a cover to your pets ears when they get their monthly bath, or as an emergency skin or makeup wipe, or as a guard to your baby’s face when both of you are out in the sun to spend some quality time.
Thus using organic baby towels could be a valuable change from regular towel, as it takes care of your baby’s skin, and also protecting it by keeping it safe in its all-natural warmth. Click here to browse through the Joy By Nature rack.


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