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That soft skin and hair. That cuddly and sweet baby! While your baby is the reason for your smile, it may be posing you a problem in deciding what to use: a diaper or a cloth. Everything has its pros and cons. So do the cloth and the diaper.

Using a cloth


  • Using a cloth would save you a lot of money.
  • You can wash the used cloth and reuse it.
  • Your baby feels comfortable with the cloth.


  • Cloth can be a reason of rash on that soft butt.
  • You can’t go very long with the use of cloth.
  • It needs to be changed a lot more times as compared to disposable diapers.
  • They do not dry easily as the diapers.
  • Wetness of cloth can cause cold to the baby during nights.
  • Use of diaper may become the reason for some kind of infections.

Using a diaper


  • Using a diaper for your baby will save you from the worry of changing it time to time.
  • The baby diapers soak the wetness for long time and so also save your baby from cold and other consequences that may arise from wetness.
  • It prevents the occurrence of rash.
  • It will be comfortable for use at night, as it is durable.


  • If diaper is your choice, it is going to cost you a lost as diapers are expensive.
  • Be careful with it, because if you attach it too tightly around your baby’s waist, it may be uncomfortable and also the baby’s skin may not be able to breathe. It needs some ventilation.
  • It may also be uncomfortable in daily wear for the baby.
  • Much longer usage may also cause rashes on the skin.

Babies are very delicate and soft and sensitive. All of us may have listened mums saying that they won’t be using diapers for their babies as they don’t want any rash on the baby’s soft skin. This is actually a myth. None of the studies has shown that the chemicals used in diapers cause any harm to the skin of baby. It’s just that the diapers should be used in the proper manner. It will save the baby from any harm and also the careful use can save you some money. It may be uncomfortable for daily wear so you can switch to cloth for a day or two per week.

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