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Insects like tick bites, mosquitoes and biting flies can make the baby unhappy. The insect bite can cause very severe reactions on the sensitive skin and lead to diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya. To prevent these insect bites the following steps are to be followed:

Clean home and surroundings

Clean all the water containers once every week and always keep the buckets and drums covered. Mosquitoes breed in the water that is kept stagnant for a long time. Add drops of kerosene oil to stagnant water. The oil works by forming a thin layer on the water and avoids breeding of mosquitoes.

The dry leaves surrounding the home should be removed so that the water doesn’t get stagnant on them. Dispose all the waste present properly so that insects can be avoided.

 Use insect repellent

These are available in many forms including sprays, creams, aerosols, sticks and liquids. The most important thing is to use the repellent in a safe way. Use the repellent on the clothes and the exposed area. Don’t use repellent on the wounds or cuts. Make sure to wash the skin with soap to remove the repellent and change the clothes after coming indoors. Direct contact of the repellent spray on the face is harmful. So rub the insect repellent  onto the hands and apply on the child’s face. Avoid the sensitive regions such as eyes, nose and mouth.

Dress colour

Use light colour clothes to dress the baby. The dark colours attract the insects more. Wearing pants are better than wearing any short dresses which will expose the skin of the baby.

Use of wire mesh for windows, doors and use of net for the baby crib

Wire mesh and nets are available in the hardware shop or home maintenance stores of your area.  Install the screens and wire mesh to the windows and doors. Washable nylon screens are the best option. Nets can be installed to the crib to make the baby sleep peacefully.

Avoid use of strong fragrance

Strong fragrances attract insects. Don’t use highly perfumed soaps, lotions, oils etc. Keep the baby’s room clean and avoid any strong perfumed spray or powder in the room.

Clean up after cooking and eating

The vessels used for cooking and eating should be cleaned immediately after use. The unclean vessels can lead the insects to breed. Keep the utensils in the room of the baby clean after use.

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