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Looking after a baby involves a lot of patience and love. Making the baby practice the right eating habits is crucial for the overall health of the baby. Here’s all you need to know to feed your baby right!

How to feed your baby right?

It is often difficult to know if your baby is practicing the right eating habits. Here are a set of points to keep in mind to ensure that your baby gets health nutrition from its food and to also ensure that it’s digestive system is hail and healthy:

  • Snacking: Once a baby starts consuming solid food, its attention is often drawn towards snacks, mostly unhealthy. Snacking on a regular basis throughout the day can lead to overeating. Instead, maintain a specific time of the day for snacking. Also, avoid foods that have high quantities of trans-fat which can harm the body. Instead, opt for foods that are high in nutrition such as nuts or dried fruits. These are rich in antioxidants and fiber and will thus ensure that the digestive system functions well. Other natural foods that can be consumed as snacks include fruits, oatmeal or even a little dark chocolate.
  • Water: Water forms an integral part of any diet. The importance of water has to be taught and stressed on while teaching your baby the right eating habits. Water is the component that ensures that the digestion process is uninterrupted. Rather than consuming aerated drinks and sweetened sodas which has been linked to obesity, drinking water will benefit the baby’s body on a whole.
  • Balanced diet: It is very important to teach the baby to practice a balanced diet. Foods that have exceptionally high levels of sugar and cholesterol have to be avoided. The diet of the baby has to be balanced in terms of nutrition and you should ensure that the baby gets just the right amount of protein, minerals and carbohydrates so that it grows up healthily. Natural and organic foods such as whole grain breads, cereals, lean meat and dairy foods should be included in the diet.

  • Family meals: Family meals are extremely important with a baby at home. According to research conducted, it was found that kids who have family dinners consume nutritious foods such as whole grains and vegetables as opposed to those who did not. This is also a very good way to teach your baby table manners and etiquettes so it is a win-win situation!

All in all watch what your baby eats and make sure that his/her meals are packed with tasty yet healthy food and you’re good to go!


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