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Baby’s skin is delicate and should be taken care with a lot of caution. Here is a quick guide to how that can be done.

A baby’s skin is one of the most delicate parts of his or her body. It is essential to lock in the moisture and take care of other conditions to keep the baby’s skin hydrated, soft and healthy.

Uttermost care should be taken while bathing your baby. Bathing dries up the baby’s skin and removes the natural oils. So to take care of this problem, on most days a quick bath should be sufficient, with warm water. Avoid using really hot warm as it will dry up the skin and cause further irritation to the sensitive baby skin. Some baby skin friendly soaps can be used as well to further clean the baby well.

On certain occasions, to make the bath enjoyable for the baby, a bath can be set up and mild use of body bath  can also be used. Without excessive use of baby body bath, drying of the skin can be avoided or at least be reduced.

In addition to this, giving the baby an oil massage after bath can also be helpful. Oil that is not too sticky and gentle on the skin while applying can be used. This helps in sealing in the moisture and hydrating the skin. But it should be taken care that only a thin layer of oil is applied.

In addition to oil massages, moisturiser for baby can also be used. Usually a thick cream is more useful on the softer baby skin. It can be applied twice a day or more depending on how dry the baby’s skin gets.

The most important factor that can affect the baby’s skin is the weather. If it is too cold it will definitely cause the baby’s skin to dry up quicker. To prevent this one must cover the baby well. Comfortable mittens can be used for the hands and socks for the feet and high quality, soft blankets  should be used.

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