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babies are quickly growing and engaging being and here are few delightful and easy ways to keep them engaged in their environment.

It’s a question every new parent has, how can we keep our baby occupied? After getting in check with the routine to take care of their daily needs, this becomes the next big thing in their list. So here are a few tricks to keep your baby busy.

Babies are at an age where they’re actively observing new things and they tend to enjoy it. Even small things like daily trips to the nearest park of going to the grocery store keeps them occupied. This also greatly affects the parent’s mood which in turn affects the baby’s mood. At the same time it is important to keep the baby warm and safe  during the strolls so it is more enjoyable for the baby.

Next would be to have small dedicated play areas in each of your rooms so that you can monitor the baby as you do your work and the baby also has a good time. It could be as simple as a box with little soft toys and just play with it. It could also consist of a play blanket and it can have dangling toys and this could keep the baby engaged.

More often than not, our houses and apartments may be a great source of entertainment for the baby. If the apartment has huge windows or a low window sill, the baby can very conveniently look out and take pleasure in the workings of the nature and the world outside and can also have a play area close by in case of shift in interest of the baby.

This option may be a messy one, but babies definitely enjoy it. Let them eat their own food. May be the best time is to wait till they can hold little toys and objects and then let them eat their own food. Start with some porridge or semi-solid food and softer biscuits and such to more whole grain food as the baby gets older.

Lastly, you can do play dates and go to the nearest library for story reading sessions for babies and other programs offered in your localities. In addition, there are a variety of products by joy by nature that wonderfully aid in keeping a baby engaged.


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