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Pregnancy is often regarded with excitements but it is also linked with stress and other forms of emotional distress. Thus, every pregnant woman should attend counselling. It is time for all the pregnant women to say a big no-no to distress. In pregnancy phase the most needed thing is ‘support’. This is the time when going-to-be-mothers could get overwhelmed and distress. They need support from family and friends but, they also need counselling, especially in first pregnancy. Counselling makes you feel better because they know your emotions and the stress that you are feeling.

Benefits of Counselling

  • Counselling in pregnancy helps you to open up and share what you feel. Sharing leads to more comfort and it helps to de-stress mind. In counselling, a diet plan is also shared which includes all the important and healthy food materials which provides essential nutrients and vitamins.
  • Counselling after childbirth helps you to understand the manner of handling the new born baby. There are many minute points which some people fail to recognize if they have not considered a doctor. Also, women’s breast experience many changes after feeding which could improve if tackled with care.

  • Exercise is also essential for pregnant women for healthy pregnancy. After pregnancy it becomes quite difficult to regain the pre-pregnancy shape. If exercise is included in routine during pregnancy, then it is easier to regain the original shape of the body. If someone is using a market product then it is advised to look at the ingredients and consult the doctor before consuming the medicine.
  • One should not drink or smoke during and after pregnancy, it can harm the baby while in womb and through breast feeding.
  • Usually there are stretch marks, uneven skin tone and under nourished skin after pregnancy. It needs a moisturizer as well as skin toner to rejuvenate the skin. New born baby’s skin is also rough and needs more care. Different baby products are also available for sensitive baby skin.

Support, love and care are all you need in pregnancy from your family, friends, doctor and counsellor for a healthy pregnancy. Create memories in your pregnancy with photos, so that you and your baby treasure this moment in future. Stay healthy, be happy, follow what makes you happy and there you will be stress-free. It is important to have joyful pregnancy phase so that both mother and child stays fit and fine. Click here to browse more products from JBN and have a comfortable life.


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