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With the fast food culture picking up speed, our kids today are more inclined towards junk foods than the regular meals. Alarmingly, these unhealthy eating habits are leading to a number of health-related problems for our young ones! Perhaps, one of the most recurrent and debilitating ailments that kids (and mothers!!) have to cope with are stomach ailments.From colic pains and upset stomachs to constipation or diarrhea to heartburn and indigestion, our kids today have to deal with a lot of pain and discomfort at a very tender age itself.

Did you know that all these ailments can be addressed right at home with some simple home remedies using natural products? Yes! No more exposing kids to harmful painkillers and allopathic medicines that could do more harm than benefit to the kids’ overall health. Let’s check out some of these wonder foods that could give our babies & their mothers some respite!!

Colic Pain

One of the most upsetting stomach ailments is a colic pain, especially in toddlers. Result – sleepless nights for both the mother and the baby!! And not to forget the incessant crying. In early days, “gripe water” was found to be a very effective medicine for these pains. You can include the goodness of this amazing product available as an over-the-counter remedy right at home. All you would need is to boil some ginger with some Fennel Seeds and Chamomile and prepare a concoction. Cool and strain, and your very own, homemade “gripe water” is ready. Help the baby/child take small sips.

Nausea & Vomiting

Another stomach ailment of concern is indigestion that often leads to heartburn, nausea and vomiting among kids. A common cause of indigestion in kids is either food poisoning or a virus. One of the best natural reliever of these symptoms happens to Peppermint that is readily available at home and in the market. If you can find a peppermint candy, it would be easiest to persuade the kids to take them, isn’t it?!

Sugar-free Gummies are another good remedy for common symptoms of indigestion like heartburn among kids.

If your kid is complaining of too much heartburn, try making a preparation of Baking Soda in about a cup of water and make him drink this. This will immediately relieve the child of heartburn and indigestion. But be aware that this is just an intermittent treatment and should be used with caution as it can lead to kidney disease if used in excess!

Licorice, when used sparingly, can effectively sooth the stomach to provide relief from these symptoms as well.


The next belly problem essential addressing in kids is excessive gas and flatulence. Including Probiotic Yogurt in their diet is one of the best treatment for this symptom. There are a number of organic products available in the market that could be a good source of probiotics.

Besides this, lower their sugar intake and avoid “white foods” like Maida, white rice, etc. as all of these are high on their sugar content adding to the trauma by metabolizing the colon bacteria to produce gas. One can also try mildly brewed Peppermint Tea for treating gastric problems in children.


An upset stomach can be very distressing to children. Much like adults, a simple meal consisting banana, rice and yogurt is the best remedy for diarrhea, even among kids. Chamomile Tea too has been recommended as very effective by many medical practitioners for providing relief from diarrhea in kids.


Last but not the least is Constipation. A common distress that can be effectively counter with natural remedies without using harsh chemical laxatives. A good diet enriched with cereals high on fibers, fruits & green vegetables – especially beans that are rich in fibers and of course lots of fluids, goes a long way in not just treating this symptom but effectively controlling its reoccurrence as well.

Try these effective remedies to treat your kids for all their stomach ailments – save kids from the ill-effects of drugs that could harm their digestive flora in the long run.

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