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We have heard time and again about the incredible properties of honey, handed over lovingly through generations. My mom is a classic example of how simple changes in diet and life style can bring immense benefits to your overall health. She is a typical middle aged woman who is so passionate about nurturing her family and their health, finally ending up by not giving much importance to her own health.





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Mom realized that her obesity was the main reason for all her health issues. Her cholesterol level, sugar levels and blood pressure was slightly above the safe numbers. She decided to react positively as signs of overweight were quite obvious by now.

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She made simple dietary changes and added few minutes of cardio exercises from day one. The first thing she did was cut down on sugar, the prime culprit for calorie hoarding that eventually turns into fat. She replaced sugar with ORGANIC HONEY. Sugar, she says is “empty calories”, whereas Honey….the sun-kissed nectar is loaded with vitamins and minerals. The goodness of honey can be enlisted and we can go on and on. Below are some of the benefits of honey

  • Healthy glowing skin
  • Good appetite
  • Improves vision
  • Enhances Nervous system function
  • Generates red blood cells
  • Boosts energy to the body and mind
  • Encourages bone health
  • Helps organize water balance in the body
  • Gears up your body metabolism

Weight loss was achieved within months but sustaining the lost weight was very important. Weight management is a continuous process and her intake of daily dosage of pure organic honey did the trick.

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Her day starts with a large glass of warm water with a tablespoon of golden honey that takes care of her digestion and excretion giving her a good start for the day. A toasted brown bread with honey or porridge with fruits and honey keeps her satiated till lunch. Generous dribbles of honey on her fruit salad, often turns it into her favorite dessert.

Maintaining her weight is just one of the noticeable changes I saw in her. She eventually became more energetic, cheerful, and full of life and to me it is like getting back to my childhood all over again when my mom used to be active and play the ball game with me. She creatively adds honey to all her prepared recipes, while she bakes or blends and makes yummy desserts. The result has encouraged her to make these awesome dietary changes not only for her but also the whole family. I have learnt with this experience that a healthy family is a happier family.


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