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Parineeti Chopra has an air of vivaciousness and cheerfulness all around her, making her fans fall in love with her. The actress made her debut in ‘Ladies and Ricky Bhel”.Just like her real character, her reel characters were also very bubbly and energetic.

But Parineeti had to face a big hurdle in her life before her entry in to the Bollywood. She was overweight at an 86 kgs, with a 38 inch waistline. Apart from that, she had also pressure as being the cousin sister of one of the sexiest and fit actress in Bollywood, yes, none other than Priyanka Chopra.

During her teenage years, Parineeti was least concerned about her looks and body. She indulged in her favorite foods like pizzas, Pastas, burgers, cakes, Ice creams and much more in a luxurious manner, without any control.She admitted publicly that it’s her laid back lifestyle and unhealthy food habits that led to her obesity.But once she realized that her future is in acting, Parineeti seriously decided to lose weight, by any means.

Parineeti Chopra’s Workout routine

Different people will be having different levels of energy, metabolism rate and other characteristics.So, it is necessary to take expert advicebeforeyou start on your daily exercise regime for weight loss. The beautiful Parineeti Chopra, also changed her workout strategy, under expert supervision of her fitness trainers. Her day starts with jogging in the early morning, followed by mediation for stress management. She also regularly practices yoga for fitness.

To maintain the weight and be fit always, she prefers:

  • Cardioand strength training exercises
  • Swimming
  • Running on treadmill
  • Horse riding
  • Dancing
  • Badminton

Parineeti Chopra’s daily diet

Parineeti is very conscious about her diet since she gains weight easily. It’s really important to her to be healthy and fit always.

Parineeti Chopra’s daily diet includes:

Breakfast : She eats brown bread and butter with a glass of milk. She adds two egg whites and a glass of juice sometimes.

Lunch : Brown rice, dal, roti are in her lunch. She also adds green salad, and green leafy vegetables.

Dinner : A normal and simple food with very less oil, a glass of milk, and a glass of chocolate shake is in her dinner. She always prefers dinner two hours before going to sleep.

Parineeti Chopra is very conscious while eating because her body type is one which can gain weight so easily.During the day, she prefers Organic green tea which is infused with different herbs like Chamomile Tea or Lemon Tea. She also drinks 8 glasses of water along with fruit juices, to keep her body adequately hydrated.After workout sessions, Parineeti prefers to have healthy snacks rather than oily and spicy foods.

Parineeti Chopra has successfully completed 4 years in Bollywood with many popular youth movies to her bag like ‘Hasse tho Phasee’, ‘Dawat-e-ishq’ and many more. Her looks are stunning and impressive, with her toned and sexy body to compliment.She strived hard to reach from a size 38 to reach size 30 and she did it with regular physical training as well as by sticking to a healthy and balanced diet.Organic food is rich in natural vitamins, anti-oxidantsand other essential minerals which is easy for your body to absorb, thus preventing many lifestyle diseases.

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