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Urad Dhal

I delivered a healthy baby through C-section, recovering from it was quite difficult for me and the worst part is that it made breastfeeding really challenging. My milk production was too low even after 2 weeks. Even worse to say, I could not suffice my baby’s first feed right after his birth. It made me very emotional and I was so concerned about fulfilling my baby’s need for nutrition.

Urban Tree Organic Urad Dal Split 500gm

I tried everything whatever has been told me and followed what pediatrician told me. I also took supplements to increase milk production, which seemed to help me a little but not sufficient enough to feed the little one as much as he should have. It was very frustrating for me to see him have only formula milk.

 Organic Tattva Organic Urad Dal 500gm

Desperate to find a solution, I posted a question on the discussion forum I had previously signed up during my pregnancy. I got several home remedies and some of them gave a unanimous solution that suggested me to try having whole Urad Dal. I also came to know an encouraging fact that according to Ayurveda, Urad dal is rich in protein and minerals and helps to increase the milk production in lactating mothers.

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I started to add whole Urad Dal in my regular diet in the form of porridge or stir fry. I tried for a whole week and was amazed to find my milk production increasing gradually. I was able to feed my baby more often than I used to. As I continued with this diet, there was a steady flow that helped me feed my baby until he was a year old.

Urban Tree Organic Urad Dal 500gm

Some useful tips for nursing mothers:

  • Choose to have organic Whole Urad Dal, as it is sourced in a healthy way to ensure safety.
  • Avoid having the white skinned Urad Dal, as it lacks the vital nutrients and it will be of no use in improving your milk production.
  • You can also let the whole Urad Dal to sprout and then have it. This is even more powerful and nutritious.
  • Apart from having Urad Dal in your regular diet, have lots of water and fresh juice to improve milk production.


About the author:

Jamuna Balan is a housewife living with her husband and 2-year-old baby in Ahmedabad. She is also a Joy By Nature customer. In the above piece, she talks about her personal experience to find a natural solution for her inadequacy of milk to feed her baby and how that helped her.