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I work as a software tester, alongside 10 other members responsible for different portions of every single project. One of my work colleagues had severe migraines which started to wear her down. Her headaches were unpredictable and painful and she suffered with severe vomiting and her medications did not help her much. She got momentary relief but her migraines just wouldn’t quit.

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With a knowledge that Tulsi leaves have an excellent property to take away any kind of headaches and nausea, I suggested her to have Tulsi juice. But she had a problem in sourcing the leaves as she stayed in a working women’s hostel. She got Organic Tulsi Tea from an Organic store immediately and continued to have for the whole week and found that her migraine was less frequent and even if it appeared, it was very mild. As soon as she senses one, she started sipping a cup of warm organic Tulsi Tea and the headache faded away in minutes.

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She saw better results with the first try and so she continued this remedy for 3 months. Organic Tulsi Tea which came as a life saver for her has now become her best friend without which her day seemed incomplete. Tulsi has incredible sedative and disinfectant properties, so it is a natural remedy for migraine pains and sinus pressures. It acts as an anti-congestive agent and reduces sinus infection and eases tension. An easy way to experience the maximum benefits of Tulsi is to drink a cup of organic Tulsi Tea every day.

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Selecting and storing Organic Tulsi Tea:

  • Purchase loose Tulsi Tea or Tea bags only from an organic store. Organic Tulsi Tea is pure and free from pesticides.
  • Check the label for the origin, age and quality of the tea.
  • Avoid storing it in plastic containers as this will spoil the taste of the tea. Store it in an airtight tin or glass containers.
  • Keep the container away from light. Store it in a dark, dry and cool place.

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About the author:

Esha Shekar works for a software company in Mumbai. She loves everything at Joy By Nature and never forgets to make a purchase every month. In the above blog, she shares her experience in helping her colleague fight against migraine headaches with a super simple remedy.