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My little sister is nearing her sweet sixteen and stays in the boarding facility of her residential school. On weekends, she loves to prompt me with her silly phone tags. She is an updated fashionista who prefers to be presentable always. She is naturally blessed with a clear complexion which she maintains with great care. She always asks a lot of questions to help her reach her goals and thank me often for my tips that worked for her.

After a busy exam schedule, we were all excited to have her around for holidays. On the fine morning of her arrival, soon after hearing the door bell, I ran to welcome her. All of a sudden, I froze at the sight of her. She looked miserably awful and dull from her usual self. Her skin was tan and dry. Obviously, the exam stress has had its impact on her skin. I quickly pretended that I haven’t noticed and gave her a quick hug. But she started to whine and nag over her complexion issues. I knew what to do exactly and consoled her that she can definitely get back her radiant skin. I found from several online articles that almonds are wonderful agents that perk up skin texture.

Organic Almonds

Organic Almonds are rich in Vitamin E which protects the skin from UV rays. It promotes the growth of collagen that reduces wrinkles and adds firmness to the skin. Almonds have amazing anti-aging properties as it contains Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids. Eating at least 5 almonds every day gives a clear and radiant skin. 

Pressed Almond Oil


I ordered ample amounts of organic Almonds from one of the online organic grocery stores. I asked her to munch on these whenever she wanted a snack. I also asked her to apply almond oil on her skin before bath. A month-long summer leave gave her sufficient time to reap the benefits of this home remedy. 

We were amazed to see how her skin recovered to its former glory. In fact, it became better than that. It was so soft and glowing. A healthy and shiny hair came as an extra bonus for her cooperation. Oh, the joys of being a teenager!

Some easy tips for you to get best results:

  • You can eat 5 to 6 organic almonds every day on an empty stomach to speed up the absorption of nutrients. 
  • For best results avoid soaking the almonds and eat with skin on.
  • Take 4 tea spoons of sweet almond oil and massage all over your body before taking bath. This makes your skin soft and supple.
  • Use only pure sweet almond oil. 
  • Soak 4 to 5 organic almonds in milk overnight and grind it to a smooth paste and apply on your face and wash after 20 mins. This gives you a fair complexion and a smooth skin.


About the Author:

Preethi is an interior designer living in Hyderabad. She is a Joy By Nature customer for the past 2 years. Featured above is her own experience of how she helped in transforming her sister’s dry, lifeless skin into a soft and glowing one.