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Dogs are those with whom we share all our sorrows and happiness. We are never indifferent towards them regarding anything as we treat them as a part of our family. So, when we think of giving them a bit extra care, why don’t we do it in every aspect? Giving your dog the best food isn’t really enough.

One can never imagine himself living in a dirty place with some really intolerable odours, how can he think of keeping their pet in such a place! There are a number of people who are very conscious about the cleanliness around them. Taking care of their cleanliness is also an important aspect.

One of the major aspects while cleaning the house of these cuties is whether their kennel is an indoor or outdoor. If their kennel is an indoor kennel, it must be cleaned once in a month. However, if you have an outdoor kennel, it must be cleaned once a week to protect the dogs from parasites and other bacteria which may cause harm to their intestines.

There is a very simple trick to clean the houses of these adorable creatures. Ask your friend, mom, brother or dad to take your best friend out for a long walk or for playing and then you can commence with you mission to kill the germs from kennels. So the process goes like:

  • First, take all the toys and eating bowls out and empty the kennel.
  • Then, collect the solid waste, if any, and dump them.
  • Clean the kennel with a broom to let all the dry dirt to step out of the kennel.
  • Clean the kennel with a mop.
  • Finally, spray the organic kennel spray to make the kennel smell better and germs free.

The organic kennel spray is just like an organic room freshener that most of the people often use. This spray does not have any such harmful chemical that may irritate your pets and make them annoyed. This spray has 100% herbal repellents that even remove odours. These types of sprays give dogs a refreshing feeling and make them feel good.

Also, when you are planning to keep your pets free from all germs don’t forget to clean their toys and eating bowls as these may also result in an increase in parasites which can enter the kennel with this stuff. To keep their surroundings clean, it is also important that we keep their toys, eating bowls and the things of their use clean. One can never know what thing may make a dog move towards bad health. Therefore, we must clean these once a week and must have a proper clean check of their stuff.

With great and healthy food, these aspects are also important as the germs involved usually in the outside environment have some unfriendly bacteria and parasites that may affect your dog lose his immunity level, his power of digestion and his intestines. Dogs are well-known for their immunity level as a lazy dog may not interest anyone, but a healthy and active dog would steal the hearts of many.

These wonderful creatures have the sixth sense that makes them aware of our moods , whether we are happy or sad or tensed or worried. Their unconditional love makes them our best friends or to say our “babies” who at every point steal our hearts.

Their innocent smiles and adorable expressions make many strict souls melt like the wax of a candle and make them love these beauties of nature. So, it becomes our duty to take good care of their environment and surroundings the way we do it for our own selves. The cleaning procedure is very simple and very effective unless done with an amazing, healthy and chemical free cleanser. Give them more love than they deserve and keep them healthy and hygienic in every possible way!


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