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Kung-Fu is the martial arts learned by the Chinese and the first step in  Kung-Fu is learning to take control over one’s mind and body and in some extreme cases over otherbody and mind too! This technique was mostly learned in rooms that are filled with smell from sweet incense.

It is said that in rooms that are filled with the smell from incense sticks are the most pure of all rooms and that may be the main reason to why Tribal Healers and physicians throughout history have used incense for its healing and spiritual powers, why monks have used incense for thousands of years for its concentration powers, why artists use incense to inspire creativity.

The use of incense over time has decreased gradually for some unknown reason. The of uses for these incense sticks are innumerable; here are a few-

Preventing Infections

Many types of incense have anti-bacterial properties in them and can be used as a disinfectant to kill the germs in the environment. It is believed that using incense was in hospitals to sterilize the wards and the results is nearly the same and just as effective as the wards sterilized by using modern techniques. By using the proper type of Incense and rubbing it over a wound may actually help it in healing faster (since smoke can kill the germs on the wound).

Relieving Headaches-

Incense has also been observed to help in relieving pain related to headaches. This may be due to the fact that the nerves in the nose  are stimulated when they come in contact with the incense aroma and that is directly connected with our Brain, which on certain odors can trigger an immediate response via the nervous systems. Certain aromas can trigger certain parts of the brain which will reduce and relieve a person from headaches.

Increasing Concentration

Whether it is during work or study; concentration plays an important role to produce an optimum result. When the right nerve is triggered in the brain even the impossible becomes the possible. Smell has an important role to play in this, as there is a nerve that is directly connected to sensory part of the brain. So when good incense is around and sight being a sensory part of the brain, we can concentrate at whatever we are into at that time. 

Reducing Anxiety and Tension

Never make a promise or an important decision at a distressful situation, is an old but an effective quote. In such times the ability to make a clear decision will be impaired because we are under high tension situation. Under times of high tension, the blood pressure of the person tends to shoot to the sky; listening to a favorite song or even better a meditation song can make you feel relaxed, or in this case by the perfect incense. This is the reason why spa and other massage centers have a sweet aroma when entered

Smell can be classified as one of the most valuable sense man can have, in fact having a nose actually completes a man’s face.

Now, coming to the point by burning the proper incense at the proper time can help in a variety of ways like keeping the infections away from home, reduce stress, and make proper decisions.

NOTE- Using Incense around babies an old age people can cause respiratory issues. Under such circumstances stop using them immediately and if necessary consult a doctor.


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