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Oil burners are an essential part of aroma therapy and have come to be even more in demand as aromatherapy, in recent years, has moved to being available only in spas, to being a household practice. Oil burners are available in different types, and you can choose any one according to your budget and needs, depending on where you are keeping it, whether it needs to cover for a large space or not, etc.

Why use Oil Burners?

Vaporizing is one of the most common and useful ways of using essential oils for medicinal and comfort benefits. When we use a little bit of essential oil in an oil burner and heat it, the molecules of the essential oil, in the form of vapour mixes with the air in the room or house, and its therapeutic properties, along with the smell, thus permeate through the air.

Lucrative Oil Burners

These are the oil burners which are exceptionally useful when it comes to practising aromatherapy. They are available in different sizes and designs.

The clay, metal, and ceramic burners use one of the traditional methods of diffusing oil with the help of oil burners. They come with a bowl or a tray where the oil or herb is placed, and, under which a heat source, such as a candle is lit to vaporize the essential oil or heat up and vaporize the herb. The smell and the properties of the particular oil spreads through the room or house or office room. These burners are great for a localised effect within a small space. They come in different sizes and unique designs and different sizes that just make them a great option when it comes to refreshing your room, or house, or office, with great smells that calm your spirit. However, since there is a candle, or flame involved, it is imperative that caution is exercised. Ideally oil burners that use naked flame as a heating agent, should be used only when someone is present to watch over it. After all, comfort should not come at the cost of safety!

Electric oil burners are the most common entry to the mass market of oil burners. Being in sync with the fast paced modern life where the least amount of effort and hassle is preferable, the electric burners are an amazing addition to the practice of aromatherapy. You can just place the oil or herb in the bowl or tray, and plug in the oil burner. The heat source that is involved here to transform the oil or herb into vapour, is electric. It is also safer to some extent, considering that there is no need to use a naked flame. However, it can only be placed near an electricity outlet.

Convection and conduction burners are new in the market. They are not so common and relatively more expensive when compared to the other kinds of burners such as clay, metal, ceramic or even electric. While convection burner uses steam as a heating source, conduction burner heats up the herb or oil or stick by direct contact. Convection burners, however, are useful as the amount of heat being used can be controlled.

Oil burners may be used at home, or in the office to get the benefits of aromatherapy. But they should be used with caution. It is better to be present in the room or house when an oil burner is lit. Also, using oil burners all the time may get you so accustomed to the smell of the essential oil, that you may not be even able to smell it anymore after prolonged use. Then it is advisable to step out into fresh air for some time and come back after a considerable while in order to be able to smell the essential oil. However, it doesn’t mean that just because you can’t smell the oil, its properties are not working. The same solution should be followed if the smell is overwhelming or makes you nauseous and dizzy. The key is to use only a little bit of diffuser oil in the burner. So get your favourite oil burner and enjoy the comfort of aromatherapy at home!


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