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Gone are the days when people believed that Ignorance is bliss. Today we cannot be forgetful as the natural world around us is full of adulteration. Think about anything product even the food we eat, everthing has lost its natural essence.

The most innocent looking candles in the market will also have a ferocious face. In their warm glow lies a secret. Let’s look into this dirty secret.

What’s there inside your candle?

Have you heard of indoor air pollution? One of the reasons behind this pollution is your candles. They look safe but they ooze out harmful chemicals and smoke. These regular candles are made from paraffin which is derived from petroleum. Harmful lead results in accumulation of heavy metals in the surrounding air.

We have a Green solution

Organic candles are the best way to live green with the beautiful scented candles. If you want to add that aroma and style to yor home, use organic candles. Cleanse your surrounding air with the naturally scented candles.


We have some natural and organic candle ideas for you

Super Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candle is the latest obsession. People go for its natural amber colour and honey scented aroma. If you want to add more fragrance to these candles, add some organic essential oils to these candles.


It is very easy to make these candles at home. In fact you are utilizing ingredients from your kitchen. They are purely organic and will illuminate your home with the right spark. They burn for longer duration and are great source of light during emergency power cut.

Orange candles

First enjoy the vitamin C in your orange later use it for making an organic orange candle. The orange zest usually go waste and can be used for making orange candles. This candle will burn and add orange fragrance to your home.

French Vanilla Candles

For those cozy wintery nights the French Vanilla Candles are the best way to keep your home beautifully lighted. The natural scent of vanilla pods and coffee beans will add flavour as well as aroma to your room.

Floating candles

Think of summer nights, all you need are the floating candles. Their reflection in the bowl of water makes your night blinky and ignited. If you add a dash of citronella you can easily get away with the mosquitoes. When ever yo are sitting on your terrace s ethes ecandles and enjoy the night.

Ice Candles

Ice cubes are used to make these candles and they give a 3-D texture to the beautiful candles. Use half used candles or your old soy candles to make these ice candles.

Teacups Lavender beeswax candles

If you are lamenting over your favourite broken tea cup set, we have an excellent solution to ignite your mood. Why not use one of the cups and convert it into a Lavender Beeswax Candle. Just melt the golden brown beeswax candle into your favourite cup add 15 drops of; lavender essential oil into it. Now enjoy your tea parties with the beautiful aroma of lavender.

Cocktail Candles

A very clever and smart idea to convert your cocktail glasses into beautiful scented candles. So now yo have red wine candles, margarita candles and yor favourite beer mug candles. Now make your drinking sessions enjoyable with the light of your favourite candles.

Birch wood candles

You can make excellent candle holders which are truly organic with the logs of birchwood tree. Collect the logs and make some beautiful organic candles out of it.

Cinnamon Candles

In this festival season create a beautiful center peice with cinnamon sticks, a small jar and glue gun. You can create a beautiful candle

These are some of the ways which beautify your indoors and and the same time detox them. The organic candles along with some essential oil and an indoor plant are a great idea to decorate your home in a green way!

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