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Organic candles are the best candles for your home. If you want to know the reasons behind this statement, you must first understand the types of candles.

There are three kinds of candles: Organic, Natural and Conventional.

Conventional candles: The normal candles which you get in the stores are the conventional candles. They are made from paraffin wax which is obtained from petroleum. At times these candles have some chemical additives for scent and colour. In some conventional candles the wicks are made of lead.

Natural wax candles: These candles as the name suggest are made of natural ingredients like beeswax, soy, palm wax and vegetable base. There are no synthetic ingredients to be found and no lead based wicks.

Organic candles: Organic candles are also made of natural ingredients similar to the natural wax candles. However the soy produced was not genetically modified and no pesticides were used for its production. You get the purest essence out of the organic candles.

Remember all Soy candles are not organic. You must read the label before buying. Some may be made from paraffin wax which is petroleum driven.

Why organic candles?

Anybody would ask this question, what’s wrong with the conventional wax candles? It is full of toxins! Paraffin wax candles emit poisonous products and toxins which are harmful for our body. They are much hotter and produce higher quantities of soot which spread in the air all around our home.

On the other hand Organic candles are much safer:

  • They do not contain genetically modified ingredients.
  • These candles are good for the environment and also the ingredients used to produce them are not harmful on the land on which they grow as no fertilizers and pesticides were used.
  • Organic candles help smaller farmers in their local communities as no heavy money is required for their production.
  • There are no synthetic products in the candles.

Say yes to Organic or Natural Candles

Your soy based candles burn more at a much lower temperature. Soy wax is so safe that you can use the melted wax on your skin as a natural moisturiser.

Very little soot is produced which means it burns clean. You can easily find out if your organic candle is 100% pure or not. If there is a ring of soot on the top of your candle jar, it means it contains some paraffin. In natural or organic candles there will be no residue of soot.

The wicks in the organic candles are 100% natural cotton.

The natural and organic candles throw scent which is faint but natural.

Types of wax

There are unique varieties of wax available for candle making. Some have advantages and some have disadvantages, it is all up to you which ones to chose.

Most of the early candles were made out of animal fat. These candles gave a foul stench as compared to the natural candles. Now everybody wants the natural or organic candles as they burn longer and have a sweet fragrance.

Palm Wax: It is the most expensive organic candle and also the longest burning candle. They are smokeless and soot less virtually. Soy candle on the other hand is also organic however the bean smelling fragrance makes it a slightly inferior choice as compared to the Palm Wax.

Bees Wax is known for its drip less nature. It is expensive and more of a luxury item. There is no additional fragrance added to these candles they have a natural honey scent.

Bayberry wax: It is an expensive form of candle and is usually blended with beeswax. A genuine bayberry candles have olive to dark olive colour.

Soy wax candles over bees wax candles

Bees wax candles are 100 times better than the Soy candles. Beeswax candles are known to treat certain allergies, asthma, and hay fever by releasing negative ions in the atmosphere.

Soy candles are organic but do not have therapeutic properties. A soy candle can never be 100% pure. There is some percentage of paraffin, so we cannot call them 100% organic candles.

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