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We all feel like skipping laundry day or giving our clothes to a laundry shop but some people can’t afford it. But it is quite simple to do your laundry if you accept some common practices. It can make it less boring and simple steps would help to do your work faster. Also, some tips would help your clothes live long if you follow them.

Easy ways to do Laundry

  • Prep time: Before doing the laundry, it is important to check the labels of the clothes that you are going to wash. Decoding the wash symbols is not a piece of cake.
    • If a machine wash symbol contains one dot, it means wash in cold water, two dot means, wash in warm water, three dots means wash in hot water and cross means that you have to give it for dry cleaning.
    • If there is a triangle, use bleach cautiously and if there is a cross then steer clear.
    • A clear white circle in tumble dry indicates you to use any heat, one dot means low temperature, and two dots mean normal temperature and three means high temperature.
  • Segregation: Separate your dark coloured clothes from light ones. Also, separate white clothes and delicate clothes.
  • Make sure all the pockets are empty. Pre-treat if there are stains with good detergents.

  • Washing
    • Use cold water for delicates, sweaters, fine fabrics and denims. It prevents dark colours from running and also maintains the size of the clothes.
    • Warm water works best for white and light coloured clothes. With detergent it helps to lift stains and remove bacteria easily.
    • Hot water works best for wash towels, heavily stained clothes and washcloths.

  • Detergent

It is important to use the right detergent for the right clothes.

  • Using bio degradable detergents would help to keep the clothes bright and stain free without using any bleach or softener.

  • Chlorine bleach should be used with whites. It helps to brighten them. Never use them on coloured clothes. Always dilute the bleach first and then use it, otherwise it may affect the quality of your clothes.
  • Colour safe bleach works on all sorts of clothes and it helps in removing stains.
  • Fabric softener helps to keep towels soft and fluffy. It basically acts like a conditioner.

  • Stains should be treated beforehand to avoid their permanency.
These steps are enough for a DIY laundry. It will make your work easy and will cost you less if you consider every step seriously. You can search more environment friendly products on JBN. Click here for more info.


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