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In this fast growing world when we think about childrenraising, we all think about natural remedies for our child. When the things come like breastfeeding, feeding cloth, diapering, organic eating and many more. Diffusive oils are one of the best things to fall in love with. These oils help in removing stress and helps in making their skin more radiant and glowing. Some of these oils areuseful and one of my personal favourites too.

Some of these organic and healthy oils help your child to peaceful and cheerful all over.

Lavender is the most popular and widely usedoils. Ithas many benefits and can be used in making essential oil merge for calming and relaxing. This oil makes perfect diffusion in your child rooms for a good night sleep. Lavender can be applied to the kid’s feet and even to the spines and helps in solving problems like skin irritation and tension and mostly use for cuts, scraps, sunburns and insect bite. Meek lavender slows the irritating bug bite.

It helps in clear breathing and even good for bold and flu season. It also helps in upset stomach. If your child faces motion sickness then you can help him out by dropping few drops of peppermint in his blanket or toys around him so the lovely peppermint smell helps in calming his tummy. Peppermint has a great oral health and also helps in reducing fever if mixed with coconut oil and rubbed on the back of neck, feet, behind ears to slow fever down to little ones. Peppermint contains high menthol content so before using for kids dilute it.

Lemongrass herb mainly uses in food and beverage. Lemongrass oil is extracted from leaves of plants. It has very strong fresh lemon and earthy smell. It is used in soaps detergents etc. It also helps in relax and tone muscles and release pains cramps and stomach ache. You can give our baby a massage mixing with almond oil or jojoba oil. Even you can blend in your favourite bath product or bath water to give your baby a health bath.

Lemon is basic oil with variety of users. It can be used as mood enhancer energizer. Lemon essential oil cleansers and purifies the air and surface. Lemon helps in solving respiratory discomfort and providesdigestive benefits.  It helps as a mood booster.

It helps in internal and external health benefits. It helps in maintaining cellularhealth, immunity and health inflammatory response and also helps in reducing scars. It helps in maintaining morning mood swings and builds theirimmune system.

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