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Keeping your home clean is one of the basic requirements for a healthy lifestyle as a clean home helps to reduce exposure to dust, molds and mildew, and germs.With the growing pollution, even our homes are facing the problems like increased dust and it is becoming increasingly essential to keep homes clean and free of harmful, disease causing germs and allergies causing dust and molds. But are you aware of the potential health and environmental threats posed by the chemical based cleaning products?

 While choosing cleaning products, it is important to consider both health and environmental hazards. For example, a drain cleaner may be very hazardous to use but have little effect on the environment once it goes down the drain. A dishwasher detergent with phosphates may pose little hazard to the user, but when it goes down the drain the phosphates can create water quality problems. The best products are those which are safe for health and environment.With pets and wee little ones crawling around on the floor, not to mention an occasional barefoot stroll now and then, who wants any residual harmful chemicals left behind?

 You have to consciously choose the cleaning products by skipping thefloor cleaning products laden with artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, petrochemical derivatives, carcinogenic substances, toxic chemicals, and other harmful ingredients, such as Triclosan, and switch on over to the green side! Try the eco-friendly products with biodegradable and naturally-derived ingredients from plants, minerals, and enzymes like organic floor sanitizers. Now that makes for some easy, green cleaning!


Here are some advantages of going green while cleaning your floor:

  1. Organic floor cleaners are safe for children: Non-toxic cleaners are perfectly safe around children. You don’t have to worry over your toddler who may get adverse health problems from the toxic chemicals from floor cleaners anymore, once you start using organic cleaners. Organic floor cleaners, where on one hand provide a bacteria and harmful organism free, sanitized house, they also are naturally scented. Thus they offer freedom from harmful artificial fragrances that may cause respiratory distress among kids and aged people.
  1. Non-toxic cleaners keep the air you breathe clean: Most normal store-bought cleaners are full of toxic chemicals. They have a pungent smell which causes respiratory problems for your little ones.They are one min factor for polluting the air quality inside our homes. But the fact is that we don’t pretend to care much.


  1. Non-toxic cleaners are much, much cheaper: Most basic cleaning recipes require the same basic ingredients, and they can be found in just about every grocery store. A simple batch of glass or all-purpose cleaner costs mere pennies. It’s even cheaper when you buy the ingredients in bulk.
  2. Non-toxic cleaners don’t harm the environment:Conventional cleaners easily seep into our water, and it’s difficult for many water treatment plants to treat a large volume of these chemicals. Built up over time, and this can affect wildlife and other natural resources. Many cleaners are also petroleum-based, which further use up our natural resources.

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