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Cleanliness and hygiene are most important part of a healthy household. Besides these, pest control is also one of the important factors, which governs the whole house. Pest control refers to the regulation of pests, which have an adverse effect on human’s life. There are various infections, which can be caused by the presence of pests in the house.

How to control pests

Pests can be monitored by various pest control products. These products can be organic or inorganic. You must choose the proper natural pest control product, and maintain the hygiene of your house.

  • Keep your house dry and clean

Since pests are attracted to the water and the food, the floor of the house must be keptas much dry as possible to avoid the invitation to the pests. The garbage must not be spilled around, and the house must be cleaned with a sanitizer.

  • Seal the entryways

Sealing the entry points of your house reduces the chances of any pest entering into the house area. Fill the cracks in the pipes, moldings, ducts and sinks using silicone caulks. The holes must also be filled with a proper filler.

  • Use organic repellents

Using organic repellents is a better option than using chemical pesticides. The repellents kill the pests and help to maintain the hygiene of the house.

  • Other products may also be used

Other products, such as bands, patches , skin oil, creams, and candles can also be used to repel the pests. There are various pest specific products, which help to remove mosquitoes, lizard, rat, etc.

Things to remember while using pest repellents

Pest repellents must be used, but with a little care. Their exposure to everyone in the house must be limited.

  • Limited use of repellent

Do not exceed the utilization of the pest repellent, as per given in the user manual. This may be dangerous to the family members.

  • Precautions must be followed

All the precautions listed in the manual must be followed correctly, such as wearing of gloves, mask, and goggles.

  • Proper disposal of residues

The leftover pesticides or the residues must not be spilled. They must be disposed properly in specific bins, instead of garbage bins and drains to maintain the hygiene.The public works department must be checked about its disposal.

The house must be kept healthy and hygienic, with the help of organic pest control products. The precautions must also be carefully followed, and the products must be kept out of reach of children and pets.

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