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Rats and rodents have a way of attracting all sorts of disease causing microbes. And the microbes, as helpless as they are, take the fur of these rodents to be their breeding place. You see what the point is? In the history of medical conditions, the notorious black plagues to be specific, the disaster was initiated by this inglorious little rodent. It is still considered to be one of the most devastating pandemic in the history of illness as it resulted in the death 75 million lives. Yes, this one shrewd rodent’s acts lead to the death of millions of humans. In order to avoid such things from happening and even for the sake of hygiene and sanity, one can make use of repellents to keep the rats away. What is even better is using an organic repellent to keep them away

There are traditional ways of keeping the rats away, for instance keeping neem leaves in every nuke and corner. And if it is a farmer’s land, they prefer to keep the rats away by letting the rat eating snakes roam around in their fields.

Rats are not as friendly as the movie Ratatouille suggested. They are the ones who eat your food and do not stop at that but poison your food and dirty your house and use your house as their breeding spot. It is very important to get rid of rats and rodents. Here are few organic ways to get rid of rodents.

  • Rattraps: In the history of capturing rats, these rattraps have always proved to be the best and the most efficient. Although one might not consider this to be the most organic way of getting rid of rats, but it is ought to be the most efficient way.
  • Mint: As strange and bizarre as this might sound, but mints and mint plants do a good job in keeping the rats away.Rats work by smelling. Mint happens to be one such plant which gives out a scent with the ability to give these rodents a burning sensation. Growing mint plants can keep your house free from rats.
  • Peppermint oil: Same principle as the mint plants. But the oil is more effective than the plant, as you can use it for lighting up the lamps in and around your house.
  • Live Cat: Not a myth at all. Having cats as pets helps keeping the rats away.
  • Raw sweet potato: This tops the art of deception. As rats love to munch on anything they can spot in their vicinity, one can expect them to munch on this as well. The thing is that these potatoes cause a killer reaction in the intestines of the rat thus leading to its death.

Well that’s your guide to staying away from notorious rodents.In order to purchase few ecofriendly repellents for rats,click here.


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