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Putting it in simple words, drowsiness means feeling sleepy. In extreme cases, when people fall asleep at the most inappropriate times, this condition is referred to as hypersomnia or somnolence.

Drowsiness occurs mostly due to improper or lack of sleep. Also, daytime drowsiness can be due to sleep disorder. Other reasons include depression, stress, anxiety and boredom. Besides these, it can occur due to certain type of medications, poor diet, chronic pain, alcohol misuse, lack of exercise, diabetes and hypothyroidism.

People feeling drowsy often face symptoms like excess sleepiness during daytime, irritability, lethargy, forgetfulness and less energy.

Drowsiness can be taken care of by bringing in changes in the day-to-day lifestyle. A healthy diet, proper sleep and regular exercise can help in fighting drowsiness. So, let us have a look at a few changes we need to incorporate in our daily life to ward off drowsiness.

  1. Consume Green Tea

Green tea is surely an energy booster. It rejuvenates you thoroughly and thus, prevents drowsiness. Green tea further helps in combating fatigue and stress, in turn improving mental focus. Moreover, the presence of polyphenols promotes good sleep.

All you need to do is drink a cup of green tea once you wake up from sleep. Besides, drink at least two cups in a day. To make it, just steep in a green tea bag in a cup of hot water. Remove it after a few minutes and then, stir in a spoon of honey to sweeten it.

  1. Savor a Healthy Meal

To prevent drowsiness during day time, make sure that you eat breakfast regularly. Savoring a healthy and light breakfast is the key to keep drowsiness at bay. Such type of breakfast will not only keep you active but will also result in more productivity.

If you skip your breakfast, the blood sugar level goes down, thus leading to a drop in the energy level. A healthy breakfast incorporates foods low in fat content, high in protein and complex carbohydrates. Some good breakfast options include milk, eggs, curd, cottage cheese, fibrous fruits, whole grain bread, oats and nuts.

Starting the day with a healthy smoothie incorporating low-fat yogurt and fresh fruits is also a great option to prevent drowsiness.

Make sure you keep your lunch and mid-meal snacks light. Opt for healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, sandwiches and juices and. Also, eat your dinner at least three hours before hitting the bed.

  1. Drink Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is also a great way to ward of drowsiness during the day time. It not only hydrates the body but also flushes out the bad toxins from the body. It is essential to stay hydrated as dehydration affects the oxygenation process of the brain, thus making you feel sleepy and lethargic.

So, make sure you drink a glass of lemon water after waking up from sleep on empty stomach. You can also drink it an hour before your lunch time too.

To make it, just squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of lukewarm water. If you wish, you can add a spoon of honey to sweeten this concoction.

To keep the body hydrated, one can also opt for foods like curd, broccoli, carrots, watermelon and oranges.

  1. Indulge in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an effective remedy to treat drowsiness during day time. It further helps in reducing irritability, low energy level, fatigue and headache. There are several essential oils available in the market for aromatherapy. A few of them include rosemary, lavender, basil and peppermint.

All you need to do is pour in a few drops of your favored essential oil on a napkin. Then sniff it at regular intervals. It will keep you alert and energetic. Alternately, pour in a few drops in your bath water too.  One can also keep an essential oil diffuser both at the work place and home to lift up the spirit and keep drowsiness at bay.



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