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The problem of infrequent bowel movement is known as constipation. This problem leads to stomach bloating and uneasiness due to an irregular bowel movement.


Doctors say that less than 3 bowel movements a week is injurious to human health as various toxins accumulate inside the body. Due to this, the stool becomes hard and dry to get excreted easily. Straining along with bowel movements can cause really serious problems like rectal damage.


Consuming fiber-rich products can help in preventing and curing constipation. Fiber rich food includes corn, barley, almonds, apples, oranges, pomegranate, broccoli etc. Eating 3-5 dates is also said to be a great way to deal with constipation. Green tea and fennel seeds (saunf) help in combating constipation. Avoiding greasy and oily foods, intake of too much coffee or tea during the problem makes it less painful. The following ayurvedic remedies are also beneficial if consumed properly:

  1. Bael fruitBael fruit is considered as best natural medicine for curing constipation. Addition of pepper in small quantities along with salt to bael fruit pulp helps in removal of toxins from the intestines. Bael sharbat or juice is very prominent in India for its excellent results in curing constipation.

  1. Cassia: Cassia, earlier known as Senna is widely used for its laxative properties. It prevents constipation by interacting with digestive tract, resulting in intestinal contractions which lead to regular movement in bowels. The leaves as well as pods of Cassia show laxative effects, hence used for dealing with constipation problems.
  1. IsphagulaOne of the oldest used remedies for curing constipation is Isphagula. The remedy works as the seeds prove to be a very soothing sensation to the mucus lining of the alimentary canal. The procedure to follow for intake of isphagula is to soak the seeds in water and then consumed. They work by binding all the waste in alimentary canal and passing them to a consistency which can then be eliminated out of the body.
  1. Triphala: Triphala is a mixture of three fruits namely, Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Triphala is considered the best for the treatment of gastro intestinal problems. It usually comes in form of triphala powder or capsules and shows laxative properties for alleviating pain. Triphala powder or capsules if ingested on time can prove to be a great purgative. It helps in digestion of undigested food and later helps in improving bowel movement frequencies.

  1. RhubarbGenerally, used in allopathic medicines for its excellent purgative properties. It is beneficial to use in early stages of constipation as it pushes waste out of the alimentary canal. The valuable part of Rhubarb lies in its stalks and roots. It is ingested in the form of tinctures, extracts, and powders. Care should be taken that it is used in proper quantity for curing constipated else consumer might end up in aggravated diarrhea. It is said that half a cup of Rhubarb contains large amount of insoluble fibers which are in fact helpful in normal bowel movements.



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