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One of Hollywood actresses Gweneth Paltrow writes-
 “I suffered a pretty severe tibial plateau fracture a few years ago (requiring surgery) which lead the orthopaedic surgeon to give me a bone scan, at which point it was discovered I had the beginning stages of osteopenia. This led my western/eastern doctors in New York test my Vitamin D levels, which turned out to be the lowest they had ever seen (not a good thing). I went to a prescription strength level of Vitamin D and was told to…spend a bit of time in the sun!”

Osteoporosis is a condition of fragile bone with AN inflated status to fracture. Pathology could be a condition characterized by a decrease within the density of bone, decreasing its strength and most important to easily broken bones. Osteoporosis almost ends up in abnormal porous bone that's compressible, sort of a sponge. This disorder of the bones weakens the bone and leads to frequent fractures (breaks) within the bones. Osteopenia could be a condition of bone that's slightly less dense than traditional bone, however, to note the degree of bone in pathology. It happens once you lose an excessive amount of bone; build deficient bone or each. As a result, your bones become weak and should break from a minor fall or, in serious cases, even from straightforward actions, like reflex or bumping into a piece of furniture.

What Causes Osteoporosis?

  • Thinning Bones
  • Low metallic element Diet
  • Bone Loss
  • Kidney sickness
  • Overactive Thyroid
  • Menopause
  • Symptoms of osteoporosis
  • Loss of height over time
  • Back pain
  • A round-shouldered Posture
  • Bone Fracture
  • Osteoporosis Prevention
Here are some superb natural treatments to stop Osteoporosis-
  • Dried Plums
  • Coconut Oil
  • Pineapple
  • Fish Oil
  • Almond Milk
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Apples
  • Vitamin D, K
  • Regular Exercise
Sesame Seeds- Benne famous is for its metal and nutrient properties. Chew a couple sesame seeds daily within the morning, it prevents osteoporosis.


Fish Oil- Fish oil contains omega three fatty acids and omega-3. Fish oil founds in fatty fish like- tuna, mackerel, herring and salmon. Intense fish oil capsules on a daily will scale back pathology.


Coconut Oil- A famous research suggests that supplementing your diet with virgin coconut oil will reverse the results of steroid deficiency together with loss of bone density. The inhibitor compounds in coconut oil have the potential to keep up bone structure and stop bone loss attributable to secretion changes. Intense four to 5 tablespoons of coconut oil will forestall osteoporosis.


Apples- AN apple on a daily basis will keep osteoporosis away. The distinctive combination of antioxidants like poly phenols and flavonoids makes the apple a bone-healthy powerhouse. 

Osteoporosis could be a condition characterized by a decrease within the density of bone, decreasing its strength and leading to fragile bones.


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